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NFL Player Diets on ESPN

Anyone see the special this morning on Ricky Williams, Eddie George, Tim Brown and Rod Smith? They looked at each athlete’s diet. Everyone ate pretty clean except Rod Smith. Ricky Williams went to someone who looked at his blood (I think) to figure out which foods were best for him. Tim Brown ate to reduce his joint pains and Eddie George just ate a good diet. Rod Smith, however, ate whatever he wanted. He told Andrea Kramaer his diet was a “taste” diet. He even called Fruity Pebbles the best cereal ever. Must be nice to be a genetic freak.

The most interesting thing to me was that the dietician who Ricky Williams went to was a big fat ass.

LOL, she was pretty large.

As a huge Bronco’s fan, I can say I am disappointed to hear that about Rod Smith. I really like the guy, but that make me think what he could play like if he ate well. Maybe thats why we can’t win!
On a Broncos side note, Shannon Sharpe is huge into eating right. He would pack his own meals for camp instead of eating the food provided to the team. Now that is dedication! Let’s hope the Broncos can pick it up real soon!

Diet improving ‘performance’ is a pipe dream. More successful athletes than not have diets you would cringe at.

Although I agree that most athlete’s probably have very bad diets, I have to disagree with how it pertains to improving performance. Sport is mostly being good at your sport, not necessarily being a good “athlete.” But if one could be good at their sport AND a good “athlete” they will have an advantage. Genetic freaks aside, if you want to perform at your best, you have to eat well and train well.