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NFL/NCAA workout

I was wondering if anyone knew what sort of workout the nfl or ncaa (for football of course) had for thier players? If you do please give me some information. Much appreciated!!

If we told you, then you’d become as good as they are.

Please clarify - are you asking about the NFL Combine? In faith, Coach Davies

There are as many different “official” workouts as they are teams. Plus, add to that the individual programs that some of the players receive from hired coach and you have training programs that are all over the spectrum.

i have nebraska, northcarolina, and sample workouts(10 weeks) of miami’s training program.
These are the football workouts.

It varies from team to team.

Thank you
Coach Hale

I know that the Baltimore Ravens used a preseason workout that was very similar to my college’s summer program, minus power snatch I think.

Ryan thanks for the reply. Do you know where I could get a sample plan on the net? Thanks

Robinson, if you want huskerpower’s workout or Nebraskas football workout here it is www.huskerpower.com/workout.html