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NFL looking for single supplement source

From today’s Chicago Sun-Times: The headline reads “NFL, union may certify supplements”. The article goes on to say: “The NFL and the players union are trying to find a single source of dietary supplements so players know exactly what they’re taking.” “We want someone to certify that what’s in the bottle is what’s in the bottle,” Gene Upshaw said Tuesday.
I bet EAS jumps all over this, but I’d love to see Biotest get in there.


Tim, T.C., Chris and the gang need to know about this (damn…what am I thinking…they are probably on it already!!!..)

“Biotest” and the NFL are a “perfect fit” (if you ask me). Don’t you guys think so? And what about the studies that could come out of the NFL? (I have NOTHING to do with “Biotest”, and I can see the possibilities).

I would hate to see the guys at " Biotest" lose out to EAS who has shown over and over again that they want the “Soccer Mom” market…

That would mean dropping Mag-10 and 4-AD-EC since both contain ingredients banned in the NFL.

I agree that it would be beneficial for Biotest on a $$$ standpoint (at least in the short run), however it might tie their hands on future developments. However if the big guys can find a way to make it work, by all mean try it!

I bet the NFL would charge a fortune for a company to be their official supplement company, which might mean higher prices for us. I hope Biotest doesn’t persue this.

I work at EAS and we are all over it. It is between us an Met-Rx. We have more to offfe rthan Met-rx. There is a chance Gatorade will put up a fight believe it or not. They (NFL) is still pissed at us for the whole hat fiasco years ago…

…OR it could have the opposite effect…

I am VERY far from being a buisnessman…but ON THE SURFACEthis seems like something that has a “positive” feel about it…


what, they gonna legalize juice? I just had to write that. :slight_smile: laters pk

What was the “hat fiasco?”


The firm must be able to verify that their products are not made in the same place as any prohormone…due to contamination risks…ie ballplayers crying I’m clean but my tribex has andro in it!

Hey man,
Could you please tell us a bit more about EAS’ quality control and their sourcing of raw ingredients? That would be great to hear from someone working for them.

It will never happen!!! Talk all they want until a supplement company does real research on their products and claims. In a universty or lab setting with supervise provisions under either the FDA or a goverment authorized body this will never happen.

I haven’t seen one company yet that has done extensive research in a control eviroment under goverment supervision.

Whew, it’s good to know that the N.F.L. powers to be are concerned about what their boys put in their systems. Gosh,gee whiz Beav no pharmaceuticals here. Damn, I’m so relieved Wally to know that Gene cares. We want to to make sure whats in the bottle is what’s in the bottle, says Gene…excuse me but BULLSHIT!

Gene is a greedy poo head looking for whatever supp company can pay the most for this newfound way of advertising. Let’s be realistic pro sports are in serious financial trouble with all the major corps that wont be able to support them with advertising dollars and luxury skyboxes anymore, shit their gonna have to pay for the big stadiums and those outrageous salaries somehow. MET-rx currently “donates” 12M a year to the NFL but we’ll see if that’s generous enough to maintain the new contract.

I believe the hat Fiasco was when members of the Denver Broncos (John Elway, Shannon Sharpe and others) were constantly wearing EAS caps during interviews as part of their endorsement contracts instead of their team caps or NFL caps. I think typically in a post-superbowl interview players where NFL caps that say “Super Bowl Champions” or team caps or whatever but these guys were all wearing “EAS” caps.