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NFL Lockout

Supposed to be ending soon.

Did anyone else hope that it was going to keep going and wipe the season out, just so they could all lose billions and it would prove to the NFL that it is not, in fact, invincible?

This league is like the fat girl that wants attention. I’m so tired of them.

I wasn’t necessarily rooting for the season to be wiped out, as I have always been a huge football fan, but I do hope that they suffer for all of this foolishness. The NFL has long been been one of the best businesses in terms of doing what they do successfully, and no one was losing money before the lockout. Not only that, but the past decade and a half has seen strikes/lockouts in all of the other major sports which caused immeasurable damage to their reputation and products.

While we don’t know all of the behind-the-scenes deals, it seems amazing that they all knew, more than a year in advance, that the upcoming CBA issue would be contentious and potentially damaging, and they couldn’t get something worked out sooner. No matter who is at fault, it makes everyone look greedy and foolish.

I hope they get something worked out and get back to business, not just for the sake of the fans but also for the sake of the other tangential businesses that rely on the NFL to operate, but I also hope that the league and players feel the hurt for not figuring this out sooner.

I don’t care one way or the other. I like football when it’s there, but I used to be obsessed with it. I’m over that shit now.

[quote]Steel Nation wrote:
I don’t care one way or the other. I like football when it’s there, but I used to be obsessed with it. I’m over that shit now.[/quote]

Says the guy with the Steelers Avi. :slight_smile:

Yeah. The whole league is going to smell a little funny this season.

There has been so much talk talk talk over everything that it’s tough to even get excited about the upcoming season. And to be honest this whole situation clouded last season for me as well. Right after the Saints won the superbowl this whole thing was being mentioned, all the sports talk radio guys started weighing in their opinions, etc.

Once this deal is done and behind us maybe we’ll be able to enjoy the fucking game.

I know I enjoy Hockey better now that their drama is over.

why was there a lockout???

Ya… Im damn there is a season. I understand all the above reasons why there shouldnt be but hell I love me some football.

In the meanwhile,Check out what Trent Williams got recently. Not going to lie,im abit jealous.

I was hoping there wouldn’t be mainly because id like to see the looks on dudes faces every Sunday. Lol

What would all the stat boys do?

I think the NFL ended this “lock out” a long time ago but wanted some offseason ratings. The soap opera probably brought in some new demographics…drama queens.

I’m sure if there was really a lock out we would be force feed “classic” games,documentaries, and a mix of Friday night lights,remember the titans,and rudy every Sunday.

There would also be an nfl coach or athlete on every channel giving interviews,doing vagisil commercials,or running for political office.

The nfl would probably end up making more money with no season. Merch sales would go through the roof from all the fans having withdawals.