NFL Football

Had Indy (won), Green Bay (won), and got screwed betting the under on Monday Night. Christ, I didn’t think anyone would put points on the board. I thought we were looking at a 24-10 game.

the spread theory is right. points are not awarded to even out a game, it is to draw equal money on both sides.
From a bookie acquaintance…Avoid betting on teams with huge fan base, see reason above. Avoid all gimmick bets such as teasers and parlays, too fat a house edge. When a huge amount of people are solidly behind one team, look to zig against their zag. Avoid betting on Monday night for the sake of betting on Monday night. Avoid or choose this game just like any other. Bet your dessert money, not your lunch money. want to know why I was 3-1? because I didn’t bet a dime. I lay dime one, watch me go south quick.

I took the over yesterday. I love games like that where you dont have to sweat at all. The game was over very early.

Antiliberal, I bet through a company who gets their spreads from Vegas. Just wondering do you gamble on football too? On some games the spreads change a lot, especially right before game time. And on others they stay the same all week.

Next week, ill put the spreads up on Friday and all of us will just follow the spreads given. Hopefully more people give their picks and we can start some sort of contest. Their wasnt to much feedback on this post. Hopefully their will be some more responses next week. Ill post the spreads Friday.