NFL Football

Everybody loves football right, so I decided to start a football post. Everybody give your picks before game time and we’ll see who does the best. My picks for this week are:

Philadelphia Eagles +3
San Francisco 49ers +1
Detroit Lions +12.5
Dallas Cowboys +3

Lets hear the rest of your picks. Hey T-Mag, this is a good opportunity to give the winner each week a prize. Minimum 4 picks each week. Over/Unders are also exceptable. Must be against the spread.

my picks are giants beat florida. chicago beats atl. boston beats a’s. twins beat yanks. ill be back for the champ series.


Great idea; who wants to only pick four, though? I’ll give you a few more than that:

Chiefs -3
Bears +4
49ers +1
Cardinals +10.5
Chargers/Raiders over 42
Titans +3
Pats +2.5 (hometown pick)

Jets -3
Packers -4
San Diego +7
Cincy +4.5

Whoa, P-Dog completely missed the point. Fortunately, he picked the Sox, so all is forgiven:)

Hey, good choice on that 49ers pick. Ha, ha, ha!!! Vikings are for real this year. I think them and the Gophers have a bet to see who can be the last one to lose their first game.

It sure is good to be a football fan back in MN again!!

Wow, looks like there are’nt a lot of gamblers on this site. Anyways, I had a good week. Personal training isn’t paying much so its nice to see I can make some extra money when football season starts. Cant wait for basketball and hockey to start. San Fran was my only miss. Hey T-Mag do I get a T-shirt for going 3-1.

Eric 4-2 not bad. Gives you a winning percentage of .666. My winning percentage is .750. I win. You still have your Monday nighter pending so we’ll see how you do.

Jb 2-1 with Monday nighter pending. Looks like we all had winning weeks. Hope you guys made as much money as I did.

I actually wound up just under even; I put some cash down on SF and Arizona. With my wins with KC, Tennessee, and Philly, I was ahead. Unfortunately, I got a little greedy and bet the under in the Sunday Night game. No way Indy can put a ton of points on the board without James, eh? Wrong.

Eric, putting any money on tonights game. I think Green Bay should bounce back, but I refuse to bet on any team coming off a bye week, even if that team is the Chicago Bears. Green Bay may win, but I dont know if they’ll cover the 4 points.

Teams coming off bye week are 3-0 this week. Beware the Bears, even if its only for this week.

Hey Eric, read your article on the rotator cuff. Nice piece, bro



I’m a sucker, so I always wind up putting at least a little on the Monday Night game to distract me while I’m studying. Plus, it really makes it interesting when two teams about which I couldn’t care less are playing one another!

I don’t dare bet against Chicago in the first game at the new stadium. Their fans are going to be fired up, and I know that Booker is really pissed off and anxious to get more involved in the offense. And, there’s always the Urlacher factor. Lastly, after last week, I swore that I’d never bet on Favre again. I might tease the O/U with the spread so that the Bears only have to cover 10. Your thoughts?

Tonytriceps, what you mean san fran was the only miss?

You thought detroit would beat denver?

Or am i missing something?

Man that colts/NO game last night was ugly all over. Could NO possibly play any worse than that?

Antiliberal, I meant to take Detroit against the spread. The spread was Denver -12. Detroit only lost by 4, meaning they covered the spread and won me some money.

Eric, I might do the same. Chicago +10 and the over 35.5. Good teaser, but even still, Im not gonna put a big wager on this one.

Tony, don’t the real bookie spreads (or legal vegas ones) always change like any other large betting schemes?

AFAIK, the point of a spread (from the bookie/house standpoint) is not to guess how far the game will be won/lost by, but it’s to encourage an even 50/50 betting split on both sides of the game. That way the bookie/house always makes his 10%+ cut.

So they are constantly adjusting that spread in order to even out the betting, right up until game time.

Or are you getting your spreads from some media outlet?

I’m telling you, Tony, under 47.5 is a much better bet. Neither of these teams can score points, and Urlacher is going to kill everyone!!!


Being that I was at the game, I have to agree with you on the saints. It was pitiful. Me and my friends left in the 3rd quarter. At least I have LSU to root for in football.

Antiliberal you are right. The bookie always aims to get a 50/50 betting split, and that is the main reason for the spread. They always make their 10% juice. At the same time I dont know why you are questioning me. The spread on Denver was -12. It was at 12.5 and dropped half a point. I took Detroit and won. What the hell are you talking about.

Tony, im not questioning your win anymore.

Just wondered aloud where you get the spread that doesnt move? I never realized that all media outlets post the same spreads?