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NFL Europe


I want another team to support!

I'm currently watching the Saints vs Chargers game at wembley and there is deffinetly enough interest in the UK to justify having a team of our own. I loved going to watch the Scottish Claymores up until they shut down due to lack of interest in October 2004.

I'd love for them to start up again or even if we creasted a team for the UK as a whole rather than just Scotland I'd be fine with that! (rather have the claymores though :wink:)

Any Brits here who agree? (I seem to be the only Scot on this site!)


Not gonna happen, the NFL lost an annual 30 million with NFL europe. I hear they are trying to set up an NFL Arena league in europe though.


Not heard about the NFL Arena league before, need to do some research on that, cheers man

and it would seem Brittish interest in the NFL is actually quite rare on this site then


you realize youd have a team entirely of americans?


Yeah there are almost no Dutch players in the Amsterdam Admirals.

Only Americanski's who didn't make the NFL


It would be cool to have a team in the UK, but think of the jet lag teams would go through to travel to another country.


well they play baseball in japan now too. and there is a whole week before they have to play again.


most people in other countries dont even know how to throw a football. like i saw this episode of Global GUTS and one of the things was to throw footballs through rings, it was pathetic. the people were using too hands and chest passing them, throwing them sideways, lol.


American soccer teams were made up entirely of foreigners until recently. Now Americans play professional soccer on european teams. The idea is you get kids interested in the game. They grow up playing pee-wee football, and eventually you have European adults playing in the American pros.

I don't know why everyone doesn't love this game.


I'd quite happily see the NFL return to the UK. There are a few local american football teams around, and I do try and catch games when I can, but the stands usually have about 20 people watching, not exactly an NFL type atmosphere


i dont know soccer well enough but just from a first glance it seems a lot less strategic than football.

people here are bred to play football starting off from the time their hasbeen daddy taught em to throw a football and do a victory dance.

plus soccers always been played in the US it just never had the backing. i dont think anyone plays football overseas.


'soccer' is extremely popular here but I'm not a fan.

I do know of a couple of American football teams around and i played for one til I turned 18 and would have needed to move up a team and their training time was difficult to get to for me, may try to join one again though.

I know what you're saying about only having a small group of people in stands for local teams but if it was a team for the country i'm sure it'd be much better attended


Yeah, but if there was a football team in the UK almost every other week they would have to travel a lot and they will take a toll on the team.