Our last dose befor a long drought during the wait for mini camps, training camp, and oreseason.

I can pack the T.v. away for the off season.

I used to feel the same way as you, but I found a cure.

Fantasy Baseball

It briges the gap between football seasons perfectly.

But anyhow,I am incredibly stoked about the draft.

Aye. I already miss football.College and pro. Draft day should be interesting especially with the Clarret and Mike Williams deal, add on the fact that Archi Manning reportedly told the Chargers that he doesn’t want them to draft Eli. He wants him to play for the Giants who are trying to trade up to #1.

after the corey dillon trade, the Patriots are going to be primed and ready to repeat. 2 first rounders, 1 second rounder, 3 third rounders. I smell dynasty.
flagstaff AZ

Pats repeat!!

Look out for my Falcons this year! Vick is back.

Did you all hear that Archie Manning asked the Chargers not to draft his son?

What a sad state of affairs…


Guess I should actually read the thread before I say anything…

Sorry to step on your toes K-narf…

Hell yeah T-Raven! ATL is gonna be trouble as long as Vick can stay on the field. We’ve suffered thru way too many 3-13 seasons, it’s time karma started swinging our way.

Dont count out KC yet. If they can find a defense even worthy of Pop Warner they should be right in the mix.

Now Eli is saying he will sit out the year if he’s drafted
by the Chargers. The inmates are running the asylum.

Just as long as the Browns keep losing, and the Steelers find someone who’s not Dewayne Washington to play corner, I’ll be happy, although seeing Roethlisberger or Rivers in the black and gold would be nice too.

Hey Guys, I love the NFL Draft. here is my projected first round with trades

  1. New York Giants Eli Manning QB Ole Miss
  2. Cleveland Robert Gallery OT Iowa
  3. Arizona Larry Fitzgerald WR Pittsburgh
  4. San Diego Phillip Rivers QB NC State
  5. New England Sean Taylor S Miami
  6. Detroit Kellen Winslow TE Miami
  7. Oakland Roy Williams WR Texas
  8. Atlanta Deangelo Hall CB Va Tech
  9. Jacksonville Dunta Robinson CB South Carolina
  10. Houston Kenechi Udeze DE USC
  11. Pittsburgh Ben Roethlisberger QB Miami (Ohio)
  12. New York Jets Jonathan Vilma LB Miami
  13. Buffalo Will Smith DE Ohio State
  14. Chicago Vince Wilfork DT Miami
  15. Tampa Bay Reggie Williams WR Washington
  16. San Francisco Lee Evans WR Wisconsin
  17. Denver Steven Jackson HB Oregon State
  18. New Orleans Tommie Harris DT Oklahoma
  19. Minnesota Antwan Odom DE Alabama
  20. Washington DJ Williams LB Miami
  21. Washington Chris Gamble CB Ohio State
  22. Dallas Sean Andrews OT Arkansas
  23. Seattle Marcus Tubbs DT Texas
  24. Cincinnati Ahmad Carroll CB Arkansas
  25. Green Bay Jason Babin DE Western Michigan
  26. Tennessee Vernon Carey OG Miami
  27. Kansas City Igor Olshanksy DT Oregon
  28. St. Louis Ben Troupe TE Florida
  29. Indianapolis Karlos Dansby LB Auburn
  30. Philadelphia Kevin Jones HB Va Tech
  31. Carolina Justin Smiley OG Alabama
  32. Miami Jake Grove C Va Tech

I can’t fucking wait!!!

I hate baseball, and never find the time to watch the NBA playoffs, the games are always on late at night during weekdays and on SUndays in the spring I don’t want to stay home to watch the games.

Will my Giants get Manning? I’m conflicted, because Collins is a good player and he’s been really productive.

THe Giants need:

1- OFFENSIVE LINEMEN!! Every starter last year was a late rounder or free agent except one!

There are no studs at all on the OL.

Who’s going to protect Eli?

2-We a1so need an every-down RB. I love Barber, he is electrifying to watch, but he will not play a down again this season if he keeps fumbling. Coughlin won’t tolerate that, that’s for damn sure.

Unless, poor Ron Dayne gets a shot and shows something to COughlin…

3- Impact player on D. We have Strahen, that is it. And now that Hamilton has retired, there is no one who is going to clog up the middle and draw double teams to help Strahan.

But, a franchise QB is a franchise QB.
In today’s NFL though, its not as big a deal as it used to be.

THe fact that the last 5 NFL champs have not had a prototypical franchise QB kind of proves my point. Though among the Super Bowl losers you had McNair and Collins, both of whom are considered tremendous QBs.

JJ255- Are you a bandwagon jumper? (joke)

Seriously, I feel bad for Atlanta Falcons fans. So many losing seasons, and then last year, to have the Ultimate Weapon in pro football on the sidelines had to have been heartbreaking.

Vick is the most exciting player since Barry Sanders, and the most exciting QB since Randall Cunningham.

Here’s hoping the Dirty Birds make it far into the playoffs…

G-men need to do anything they can to get Eli. Qbing runs in their blood so they cant pass that up. Look how good Payton is.

I don’t think the Pats will get Sean Taylor, but I do think they can repeat.


Another Pats Superbowl vitory along with a Red Sox World Series win (knock on wood)! It is going to be a great year in Boston.

That’s what everybody said to me when they went to the Super Bowl, that is until I showed up to class wearing my Andre Rison jersey, LOL. Long Live the Run-and-Shoot!!

you said it pats repeat and the sox are taking the pennent. D-lowe is going to shut down the wankees tonight.
by the way a-rod and jeter are dating.
flagstaff az

Long Live the Run-and-Shoot!!

-Yeah, I miss it too. Too bad it wasn’t viable at the pro level. Well, they have it in Canada but every team runs it so its a level playing field.

Well, at the college level, we have the wacky WAC to entertain us w/ the run and shoot