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NFL Draft

Well, day 1 is over, who do you think got better, who do you think got worse, and what were the Vikings thinking? That was kind of sad to see at the beginning of the draft. I’m still not sure why my Steelers passed on getting a young QB or a young RB on day one, but it looks like they could still get some talent on day two. I’m still scratching my head about Houston drafting a young QB, Carr deserves more than one years chance, especially one year behind a line like he had last year.

I’m just wondering what stiff the Cowboys are going to use at quarterback this year.

Cowboys think Hutchinson is the man…

I was shocked Boss Bailey wasn’t picked until the second round, and McGahee went so early, that was a minor shock.

Well Im a Titans fan and Im pretty happy with who we got, considering where we were picking (CB Woolfolk, WR Calico, RB Brown).

Round one was a mess in general, and people really panicked when the defensive linemen started rolling off the board, - which is why I think we managed to get Woolfolk.

As for the Vikes, - I heard they were trying to work a trade (possibly with the Ravens), but it fell through…

I’ll be kind of surprised if the Cowboys don’t go after a veteran who gets cut at cap trim time, Brian Griese might not be a bad fit there, or Jim Miller, since now I don’t think the Bucs will keep Shaun King and Miller after drafting Chris Simms. I heard that about the Vikings, but this is two years in a row that they’ve botched a first round pick, it’s not a good sign for the organization. Then again any franchise who’s keeping Randy Moss around can’t have too much discipline anywhere. I was shocked Bailey went as late as he did, but the Lions definitely upgraded their team speed, between him and Rogers. Day two might be where the fun happens, there are a lot of big name players left, especially for any team needing a running back.

Boss Bailey dropping to the second round was a huge surprise. I was pulling my hair out when the giants didn’t take him with the 25th pick when he was shockingly still available. However I am satisfied with joseph from miami, he will be an immediate impact player on an already formidable front line.

Well my team the saints gave up two #1 draft pics for DT Johnathan Sullivan. Too bad we didn’t get Terence Newman instead. We really need CB’s in New orleans. Hopefully it will turn out good though. That makes two Georgia defensive lineman 2 years in a row.

doogie…I think Hutchinson COULD be a solid quarterback. You have to remember that last year the offensive line SUCKED! If they improve this year which I am sure they will; look for Hutchinson could be solid enough to win.

I thought the first three rounds for da Boys went pretty well…we will see about the latter part of the draft.

I’m hoping my steelers might’ve got a good young QB in Brian St Pierre. BC QB’s normally turn out to make good pro’s, and if we have someone on the lines of Matt Hasselbeck in 4 years, and hopefully a good young RB next year, then they should be in good shape for a few more years, because Defense (other than secondary) we seem to find in holes in the walls.