NFL Draft 2017 Thread

Probably plenty of football fans on here. I know there are some of these from previous years but lets hear what you guys are thinking. who is the best qb? who will be #1 I wanna hear it all!!

Myles Garrett seems like the consensus number one pick. As for best QB, tough to say because this doesn’t seem like a good QB draft but I personally would go with Deshaun Watson.

Seems like Mitch Trubisky is getting a lot of airtime as one of the top QBs in the draft, and with the Browns being well…the Browns. Some poor quarterback is headed that way…and they keep talking about Trubisky’s physical strength, with some analysts focusing on his lack of starting experience through his college career.

I could see a skill position player going top3. I don’t think teams draft skill positions #1 anymore because of absurd pay. Fournette or Mike Williams seem like they could do it.

Pat mahome intrigues me as a QB. Deshaun Watson too.

Trubisky seems like another ACC bust.

post Combine I’m liking Deshaun Watson, and ofcourse myles garrett. my favourite at the running back position is Dalvin Cook!