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As discussed in the other NFL threads, this is a live thread for people to update, comment, critique, cry, cheer, moan, burst, or convey any other emotion that they experience LIVE during the 2011 NFL Draft.

The draft gets started around 8PM ET tonight, and continues on through Friday and Saturday. Feel free to start commenting now!

Let the games begin.

Interesting info to open up the day:

“I think there will be more trades this year than people have seen in the history of the NFL draft,” wrote Mayock late Wednesday. Schefter said similar things on Mike and Mike Thursday morning. Wrote Breer, “Had an NFL executive tell me yesterday he thought there’d be more draft movement than ever, up and down the board, today.”

Who sees their team moving?

The jets always make moves on draft day, I can definitley see them moving up to get a guy to replace Jenkins, but I hope they stand pat and get that OLB from Zona.

Oh and I think Im gonna watch it on the NFL network this year, ESPN sometimes annoys me.

[quote]MattyXL wrote:
Oh and I think Im gonna watch it on the NFL network this year, ESPN sometimes annoys me.[/quote]

I actually didn’t know they showed it on NFL network, that will be an interested choice as I get both as well.

As far as Brooks Reed, the kid from AZ you mentioned, he could be a very solid pick for the Jets. This draft as so much talent and potential on the defensive line, it will be interested to see how it pans out 2-3 years from now.

Jets are sticking at 30 & going after Taylor from Baylor… You like how that rhymes? Unless they drop back for multiple picks. They have no 2nd if I remember Matty saying that the other day.

The interesting part will be if Cam doesn’t go first. Everything changes. Buffalo has the hardest decision. They need Def. help soooooo bad, but if Cam is there? Or do they grab Gabbert? AND what happens if one of the 2nd rd qbs should get yanked into the first?

If it were me w/the #1 I would go def. or Green. Clausen ain’t all that bad.

How about that big bastard from Temple? Muhammad Wilkerson.

“Renowned mock drafter Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News’ final mock has five quarterbacks being selected in the first 12 picks, including Washington QB Jake Locker to the Titans at No. 12. Gosselin is the most accurate mock drafter in the business, annually beating out the field by a wide margin. Whereas many predicted the QB run to begin late in round one, it appears Gosselin’s well-placed sources are confident signal callers will begin flying off the board far sooner”


Wow, that would be nuts.

^NO Muslims.

How bout what Chris Canty said the other day about the Giants allowing players in to train

LOL @ Print…

do you guys think the Bills will go after a QB?

^They need def desperately bad. However if Gabbert is there, kinda hard to pass him over. The question than becomes is he a franchise qb. Like Sanchez <--------LOL LOL LOL…

WC, didn’t you just read my post? I said Qb’s would sneak into the first rd. So tell RotoWorld to spin on it. I beat’em to it.

If there are a bunch of trades, doesen’t that mean it will take forever to get the picks in?

Thursday: 8 till 11
Friday: 6 till 10
Saturday: 12 till 7 thirty.

I’d be shocked if the Steelers moved up in the first round. I still think they should look into aquiring Talib from the Bucs. If they could re-sign Taylor and get Talib that would totally change their draft plans, or maybe not lol.

My favorite draft was the year Pittsburgh got BB. Everything fell into place. After the first two QB’s(Rivers and Manning) went I really started to think it could happen. I wanted him all along and the teams in front of them were not in need of a franchise QB, it was a beutifull thing.

I found an old Lindy’s Pro Football annual from 1991 the other day. It’s pretty funny to read the predictions. Draft goldmines indeed lol, they also predicted the Bills winning the SB HAH!

Some headlines

Jets: Under first year coach Bruce Coslet, the Jets made significant progress in 1990. They have the offensive skill position peices although Ken O’Brian is no longer the QB of the future, horrid O-Line. The defence must get tougher if the Jets are to approach 8-8.

Cowboys: The Cowboys were on the brink of the playoffs with a losing record. Part of the reason was real improvement, part was the collapse of the Rams and Vikings. Had those teams had normal seasons, Dallas’ progress might not have been overstated. The Cowboys are better; however, they still have a way to go.

Chicago: The Bears have an efficicent passer in Jim Harbaugh and a premier runner in Neal Anderson. Chicago must establish a passing attack to stretch opposing defenses and take pressure off its defense. Defensively, stopping the run is top priority.

Green Bay: The Packers are Don Majkowski. If his separated shoulder has healed, they might continue the process they began two years ago. However, this team can’t run and has serious defensive deficiencies.

San Francisco: the 49ers won eight games by a touchdown or less, an indication they are no longer a dominant force. The manner in which they discarded Lott and Craig, Matt Millen and others, says this isn’t the close-knit family we were led to believe it was during consecutive Super Bowl championships. They say they’re rebuilding, but the 49ers are showing panic.

edit/I should have put that Lindys stuff in the NFL thread, sorry bout that.

[quote]print wrote:
^They need def desperately bad. However if Gabbert is there, kinda hard to pass him over. The question than becomes is he a franchise qb. Like Sanchez <--------LOL LOL LOL…

WC, didn’t you just read my post? I said Qb’s would sneak into the first rd. So tell RotoWorld to spin on it. I beat’em to it.[/quote]

Bro why are you fucking with my boy! :slight_smile:

^HA!! I did that just for you Matty. I hope we see significant gains out of him this yr. I always get nervous when they go in the air.

I love football, the draft is a holiday for me. wohoooooo
pats have 17, 28 today
tomorrow 33 and 60
Pats have only 5 picks next year, so Bill will trade picks this year for next, I guarantee it.

I don’t see any way both Jones and Green are gone by 6, so we should get the receiver help we desperately need. At the same time though, if Peterson slips to 6 I dunno how you pass that up.

Last year we had a draft party at a bar.

Everyone pulled a potential 1st rounder out of a hat. Whenever “you” got drafted you won a prize. #1 pick was free wings for the season, two was free carwashes, three was three free oil changes, stuff like that.

I pulled Toby Gerhart.

There is a real feeling of dissapointment in not getting drafted in the first round. When the Vikings traded their pick to Detroit and they chose Jahvid Best I knew I was out of the running and went home empty handed.

Yeah… Man, do I love football.

DAMN!!! Already talk about the Patzy’s moving up to 6 or 9. Those Mother F%c@ers!

Buffalo is looking to trade out of 3 as is AZ. Should be very very interesting.

read an article in the chicago tribune about da bears possibly taking brooks reed. i know hes being project as a 3-4 olb but he is like 268 and thrived as a down end in a 4-3 in college. thoughts on him staying on the line?

Brooks has a motor, he’s fast, and he’s damned mean. I like that about him.

I worry about him dropping back in coverage in a 3-4 package though, he’s a pass rusher/run stopper kind of kid. An advantage is that he’ll wreck any rb that tries to block him on a pass rush.