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NFL Discussion Thread 2009


Because the Politics thread is gay and there aren't any new pictures in T-Vixen thread.

Monday Night Football. Colts vs Dolphins.

Miami Defense sucked on that one. Just sucked. The Miami offense did great at holding on to the ball, but their 4 quarter offense with 3 mins to play was crap.


Dolphins blew it.

49ers are the surprise of the season so far.

I'm fine with Brady sucking this season.

Chris Johnson is a freak of nature.

Cowboys don't look like they deserve to play in a $1.1 billion dollar stadium, and they can't blame TO this year.


For flavor.


Dallas gets what they deserve fuck them and their fans.

"Go Cowboys!" "Mother fucker, you were born and raised in South Korea"

A typical exchange with a cowboy fan.


The Washington Redskins (my NFC team) continue to be one of the worst-performing offensive teams in the league. A 9-7 win over the Rams? What is this, 1932? The team desperately needs to be taken away from Daniel Snyder before they are ruined forever. I wish someone in D.C. would write an open letter to Snyder telling him to fuck off.

The San Diego Chargers (my AFC team) continue to be one of the most highly talented, but least effective teams in the league. They have a star-studden roster but cannot play cohesively or disciplined. This is primarily coaching. I am super underwhelmed by Norv Turner. A decent OC, but not a head coach by any means. And I should know, because he used to coach the Redskins!

Speaking of the Chargers, I gotta say it: I think LT is done. I was a 2 on the frustration scale when, in 2007, he sat on the sidelines in his visored helmet as we nearly got the piss pounded out of us by the Colts and then got ground down by the Pats in the playoffs. I rose to a 5 on the frustration scale with LT's on-again, off-again injuries throughout the 2008 season. Now that he has a jacked up ankle after like 2/3s of a single game, I am at an 8.5. It just becomes hard to believe that some one can be that unlucky to have injuries to his groin, toe, ankle, and on and on. At some point, I have to question his heart and his commitment to the team.

It also frustrates me because if our O-line wasn't so awful, he might not take as much of a pounding.


The 2nd week was full of surprises. I was 8-8 in my picks. As a Charger fan i was extremely disapointed in that game, but was surprised the team hung around in the end despite 4 key players out with injuries. Norv Turner still sucks especially at a few play calls. Rivers is going to carry this team all year long.

I'm pretty surprised the Jets beat the Pats. I guess the Rex Ryan defense is contagious to wherever he goes.


I don't know why you guys got rid of Marty Schottenheimer. The man was a motivator and a good head coach. Norv Turner is a Offensive Coordinator. No more, no less.

And in defense of LT, he was the only shining light when San Diego was one of the worst teams in the league and Drew Brees was still trash. He's done too much for this team to be hated on. And yes, I believe his time is up. They should run a 2-back system with LT and Sprioles.


I'm really looking forward to 49ers vs Vikings next week. Patrick Willis squaring up against Adrian Peterson. Very well could be a playoff matchup if the Niners defense continues to play as well as they have this far.

Oh yeah, fuck the Raiders.


Shotty got let go because the GM, A.J. Smith, didn't like him and they didn't see eye to eye so he fired Marty. A.J. has a huge ego, but has made some good moves, that one wasn't them though. The last few years under Marty, the Chargers were a run first team that had a tough defense, especially run defense. Now they can't run the ball, possible an inept offensive line, and their defense is just soft. No pressure to the QB and lots of missed tackles. It's bad when the leading tackler on the team last year was the safety Weddle. The leading tackler should be a linebacker.


Yea, I would love to see the Chargers do well but they just keep failing to live up to the hype. It gets old after a while when the same people predict the same team to win the Super Bowl, and they keep failing to even get there. They have the talent, but it just doesn't produce the finished product, wins.

Agreed, the 49ers/Vikings game could be great. I'm a little biased being a 49ers fan, but I think it there could be some serious fire works and some serious hitting, what more could you ask for?


Merrimam had better return to his Rookie self and go lights out on QBs before he gets traded. And get a better haircut.


A victory. I would ask for a victory. And naked cheerleaders.


bolts are going to win the AFC west and that is all that matters at this point.

We haven't played well in the playoffs in recent years but, the afc west is ours to win.


He won't get traded. He is a free agent at the end of the year and i think the Chargers are waiting to see what he does before they resign. My opinion is they won't, but who knows considering there might not be a salary cap next year.


I'm not so sure the Bolts are going to take it this year. The raiders look a lot less terrible than I expected them to be. They may get things going and win some real suprise games down the road. And my broncos starting off 2-0 granted they haven't played well on offense, but thier D looks surprisingly good. They have the weapons on offense we just need Orton to get a little more comfortable and start getting the ball to his playmakers. They could really be a threat this year if that offense gels. The Bolts D is massively underpreforming. I picked them in all 3 of my fantasy leagues because I thought they were going to be bringing a lot of pressure and making QB's make bad plays. Unfortunately, it looks like they are not doing that and people are running and passing on them at will.



The only words I could muster after this play was FUCK YOU!

Looked like a scene straight out of Water Boy. Ravens will be 6-0 going into their bye week.


Yeah, but does anybody really "win" the AFC West?


The real season doesn't start until week 12.


The Ravens offense has looked really good. I don't think the same thing can be said about their defense. Giving up 50 points total for two games isn't very good at all. I personally think the Steelers will have their way with them again this year.


i really do not like peyton manning...but man, that dude is ridiculous. despite his playoff record, i think he is the best qb to ever play.