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NFL Conspiracy


After 9/11, the Patriots won.

After Hurricane Katrina, the Saints were the big winners.

So now a lot of people are looking at Detroit as one of the causes of America's economic woes, and the Lions are cleaning up.





I noticed that after the Saints SB win but I figured I was thinking to much about it. With the Lions path now, it does press the issue.


First, how is Detroit looked at as one of the 'causes?' Did you mean, they're looked at as a place where it's had the most prominent effect?

2nd, the Packers poop all over your theory anyway.


Haha yea, end thread. Also, wouldn't it make more sense if the Giants or Jets won after 9/11?

If any of the leagues are rigged, I'd say it's the NBA (when it's not locked out)


Seems appropriate


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The Packers were a red herring to throw us off....


It isn't out of the question. The nfl is sports entertainment afterall.

I mean look at the lock out bullshit.....they'll do anything to create. Some drama to draw out some drama for keeping demographics happy

Stories do sell..nfl is about selling


Nah, a patriot is just too perfect....if there was no team close to the effect of patriot...dallas would have taken it as americas team


Hey remember when the nfl got all sentimental about race when there was a possibility of having two black qbs start a superbowl?

Then the night farves dad died and he has an epic game?



I will bet that when peyton retires eli will beat him in his last game...so they can play the little brother beating big brother shit hahaha

Oh yea.....exactly why eli didn't go to the chargers on draft day


But come on, it was against the Raiders.



Well let's see. Pats won because they were a good team with a great QB and coach. Saints won b/c of really good QB.

detroit is winning b/c of their D-line and unstoppable wide receiver in the end zone. Not sure how that's rigged. If anything, shouldn't my fuckin Skins have done something in the past 20 yrs to give the nation's capital a boost, fuck!


No that pretty much confirms the theory.


theory of what? that great teams win the SB, lol

correlation does not equal causation :wink: so Pittsburgh winning means what for the nation? to make rapists feel better about themselves? lol




Detroit's population has been steadily declining since 1990.

I don't think there's a correlation. Though they made the play-offs the team was quite mediocre, witnessed by Barry Sanders' abrupt retirement

"Several years after retirement, and repeated refusals to discuss the abruptness of it, Sanders finally admitted that the culture of losing in the Lions' organization was too much to deal with even though he said that he could still play. He explained that it robbed him of his competitive spirit, and he saw no reason to believe things were going to improve. Although Detroit had made the playoffs the season prior to his retirement (losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20-10 on the road in a 1998 NFC Wild Card game), Detroit drafted quarterback Charlie Batch in the second round of the 1998 NFL Draft. It became apparent that Batch would become Detroit's full time starter the next season, and Sanders seemed unwilling to embrace yet another change in the Lions' seemingly endless carousel of quarterbacks and offensive philosophies. He had also gone on record to criticize Detroit's front office (most notably Chuck Schmidt) for releasing Pro Bowl center Kevin Glover for salary cap reasons."

I'm pretty sure if a correlation between Lombardi trophies and economic decline existed, Detroit would have won at least 5 or 6 of them by now.


They did get around 1 billion first round draft picks though, which they repeatedly blew...

Maybe the higher ups in the NFL simply couldn't rig things hard enough to make up for the disaster that was Matt Millen.


I think we should keep digging...Finkle is Einhorn!!!


Lookit Push stirrin up shit. Lol.