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NFL Combine


Anyone watching it? Today is offensive linemen


Hey, I'm in canada, which channel is it ?? And what time?



Either on ESPN2 or NFL network


I just want to see the 225 for reps contest. hahahaha. Sorry.


Well so much for the bench for reps with 225.

They spent more time talking about the shit talking that the guy running that part of the combine spewed than showing any actual benching.

What I saw were mostly bouncing off the chest and one or two strict reps for a couple of guys.

But was mainly just short 2 or 3 second clips with more emphasis on the shit talker running that part of the combine and the cute names he gave each bencher.


I was wondering what kind of reps were allowed. If they're sloppy, the test is even more meaningless. But I would find it interesting how a combine-prep guy like Defranco would train an athlete KNOWING that he could get away with abbreviated reps.


u dont have to lock out, and almost all bounce off their chests