NFL Back In Action!

I don’t know about you, but I am ecstatic about the fact that Sunday’s are finally back in order. What’s better than hunkering down on the couch, firing up the grill, grabbing a cold brew, and watching some of the top athletes in the world hit each other in the mouth for 60 minutes.

I’m sure the wives hate it, unless you got lucky and found one of loves sports, or at least pretends to, but watching these modern day gladiators go heads up is one of the better things out there. It is important to mold the couch to your body, so why not take all of Sunday to do that? Touchdowns, wicked hits, blazing speed, massive strength, and scantily clad women with pom poms, what’s better?

Post up your favorite traditions, aspects, memories, or any other parts of the NFL and everything that surrounds it, because it’s great to wake up on Sundays and know that the entertainment portion for the entire day is already taken care of.


Anybody see that last second touchdown by Brandon Stokely to get the win for Denver? Pretty crazy start to the year.

Would you rather destroy someone from the free safety spot, knocking the ball out of the WRs hands? or truck over a LB while running for a first down?