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NFL B-List Celeb Hatred


Who sucks the most?

A) LL Cool J
B) Charlie Sheen
C) That other guy that wants to suck off Tony Romo cause he threw teh football with a broken finger?


Joe Buck


True...but...what's that other dood's name...he made a movie about firemen I think...I'm pretty sure I hate him the most...but then I see that idiot LL Bean J and when he says, "Philip Rivers, goes all Philip Rivers on them" and I'm pretty sure he's the biggest idiot..then...they have that Charlie Sheen guy and I'm pretty jealous since he gets to fuck all the porn stars he wants, but he's still a dope...

Who in the dish TV world sat down and said, "Let's make LL Cool J, that fireman dood and Charlie Sheen our spokesmen"? Isn't that what they're advertising now that I think of it...


LL Cool J, Charlie Sheen, and Denis Leary. They were paid to do this, so I wouldn't call them douchebags.


Denis Leary

When I hear the phrase "going Philip Rivers on them" I automatically think about someone getting shat on.


I think you just started something here. I know I'm definitely going to use that phrase.

Last night I brought this nasty bitch home from bar. And then I went all Philip Rivers on her. The crazy part is she was so into it.


The problem is that's the best they can do for celebrities. All the A list actors go overseas and make ridiculous money to appear in commercials. You might get them to do a voice over in the U.S., but never a role on screen.


Howie Long....I personally dislike Terry Bradshaw


I actually like those commercials, lol. Still, no commercials live up to the Don Cheadle playoff commercials from a few years back.


Hah...those are good.

I'm going to use it when I give my soccer team their pep talk on Saturday. They're all about 10 years old. I'll have the parents yelling it too. They won't have any idea what they're actually saying.

This will be almost as much fun as the year the team got blue jerseys and I convinced them Ballers was a better name than Sharks. Only one parent ever yelled, "C'mon Blue Ballers", but it was great. She was from Brazil and had this crazy accent. None of the other parents said anything to her as the language barrier was too great, and even if it wasn't, how would you explain it?