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NFL and T-Men


After this weekends games I found myself thinking about who a real T-man is in the NFL.

After much consideration, I've decided that Steve Mcnair is indeed a T-Man.

Dude plays hurt, true, but beyond that dude is a leader. He singlehandedly made things happen on Sunday that were absolutley amazing.

He's not a showboat, he's not bragging or celebrating extensively. He's just getting the job done and doing it well.

It hasn't come easy for him either, he could've rung the bell many times. He could've blamed his injuries for their failure last playoff season (which he would have had every right) but he didn't, he was a gamer through the whole thing.

The damn Titans are dangerous and its because of their QB.

Any other comments or suggestions about who is a T-man in the NFL?

Might be a good topic...



Roy Williams. He's an animal. In his second year, he already owns the middle of the field and has receivers pissing themselves. He seems to knock the crap out of someone everyplay. So much like Ronnie Lott that it brings a tear to my eye.


Randy Moss is Unbelievable!!! Did you guys see that catch and that toss/ assist to Moe Williams? It looked like a play out from Basketball not football...


Peyton Manning. He's currently the most dominating QB in the game yet he is still very humble and avoids the spotlight in most situations. He's also an upstanding citizen and has never missed a start in his entire career. If that isn't a T-man, I don't know what is.


Ray Lewis--hardest hitter in football. Incredible toughness to go along with his talent.