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NFL 2016 Season


Eh, it doesn’t much matter. Only the end result does. And the end result is that Tom Brady is the best QB ever and he can take any deficit and win. Most teams would have given up 7 minutes into the 3rd, Tom doesn’t understand that concept.
Like I said, I ain’t happy about it, but I ain’t crying either. Its football not real life and I take it as such. And no amount of crying or whining will change the result. SB LI is in the books, time to put on the big girl panties and move on and learn from your mistakes.




People just need to get over it… ATL fans too. We had ample opportunity to seal the deal.


I may have been the only non pats fan that wanted to see them win. One, Tom Brady is the fuckin greatest and I wanted him to separate himself with another Superbowl.

Two, the media bashed him for being friends with Trump so I wanted another giant L for the media. The tears of the media are just too damn good.

Tough being a Boston fan, huh… At least Minnesota has the 87, 91 twins and… the Minnesota Lynx. Ugh.


Up until the turn of the century, yes. Since? We’ve become the most insufferable fucking dicks on the face of the planet.


He scored. It was good. They reviewed it.

Almost pulled a PC the play before tho


…and don’t forget the wild.

At the moment they are leading the western conference i believe…at the moment, this moment…

Minnesota mediocrity mann, its in our blood.
Mediocre weather? We’re happy.
Mediocre sports teams? We’re happy.
Mediocre vacation spots? We’re happy.

Fight the mediocrity, expect more.