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NFL 2016 Season


Turnabout is far play


I’m humbled by your greatness


The best trolls are the ones you never see coming.


The joke’s on you–I like that song.


Yup. That defense is going to be a god damn beast, and those running backs are damn good. Ryan is top tier and they have an insane WR group.

Outside a “superbowl hangover” they should still win 12 games and have an edge on the Cowboys. The NFC is a powerhouse right now, but unless GB and Seattle can fix their issues, I think you’re looking at ATL & Dallas dominating the NFC for a few years.

lmao, that was God level rolling right there.


Their division is garbage too, reminds me of another team… :pokerface:


You’ll love this: (It’s funny as hell on top of the salt.)

You could probably enjoy the comments too.


It really could be a rematch, either way, I am clearly not happy about it, but I refuse the be miserable in my life about it. I see people living and dying about what their sports teams do and its rough when you lose if you put your self worth and happiness in that basket. Not me.
I cannot control what these guys do or the outcome. So I am not going to take their problems upon myself because I cannot do a damn thing about it. They are the ones who have to fix it not me.

That’s why I think trash talk is gay. We don’t have any control what these 53 guys are going to do or not do. They can trash talk if they want, they are on the field and have control.
I analyzed the problems in about 2.5 seconds. Endless commentary will not change it. Basically, 1 of 3 plays turns out different and the outcome is different. So the Falcons, almost, by a play, won the SB. They are still better than 30 other teams and the reality and the nucleus for that is still in place and with a few free agent signings and rookie comeuppance our defensive problems are fixed. So, we’ll try again next year and it will be fun. We just have to wait a while.
Meantime, I got to see if the Braves have made the right moves to be competitive this year. The farm system is stacked. With in this year or next it would not surprise me if they pulled out a Royals type season, where all the chips in the furnace finally coalesce.


bah humbug


Had me rollin’ haha


LOL! What are you going to do… Next time you go against the Patriots in the SB, call Eli… He knows what to do.


Funny the Eli post was made, because this is what if felt like to lose those Superbowls too. Particularly the Randy superbowl. I wanted Moss to get a ring, very badly. Seau too.


He also already gave us the system. Which will have to be tweaked anyway since defenses are bound to figure it out during the off season. I am not worried about it. I just don’t think he’s head coach material. He had good players to work with in Atlanta, he does not in SF. They are starting over.
And he grated nerves in ATL when he got here. You cannot do that as a head coach in the NFL. They are men not boys.


Honestly, now… All the Eli jokes are actually funny.

As I’m getting older I’ve been lightening up anyway, but after last Sunday, all was redeemed from this “fan” perspective. I didn’t, and will continue to not, follow anywhere near as much as I did before, I’m still never going to buy anything licensed by the NFL again (obviously the network is wrapped in my cable package etc, so that’s not 100% true) but after last Sunday a lot of butthurt on my end was put to bed.

At this point I’m happy for Eli and the Giants. They made history. It’s sweet for them, and for their fans. They get to revel in that feeling, and that feeling is nice to have.


Well, I happen to be a Tom Brady fan too. Not last Sunday, but normally I root for the Falcons then the Patriots. It was kind of a win/ win for me. The team I really wanted to win did not, but I wanted Brady to end the conversation with 5 rings.
They need to make a Hall of Fame for Hall of Famers. I mean, come on, you cannot say Joe Namath is the same breath as Joe Montana or Tom Brady. They are not even in the same stratosphere.

Actually, I didn’t want the match up, I wanted the Steelers. Not because I was afraid, but because I didn’t want to root against somebody I normally cheer for.


Brown maybe, not Julio. Ju balled. Caught balls in double/triple coverage. Couple of circus catches on the sidelines. Just another day in the office for Ju. You beat the team, but you didn’t beat Julio. Had had 4 catches for 87 yards and no drops. All 4 were double coverage at least. Doesn’t sound like much, but every catch he made was in a critical situation. Everybody knew Belichick was going to try to take him out of the game. We had other weapons. You beat the team, but you did not make Ju look human. Actually the opposite.


4 for 87 and no scores is pretty human man. He had some great circus catches without question, some of the best catches of year if not decade in that game, but his day wasn’t the grand ol’ superstar stud show that was expected is all I’m saying.

Calling them human isn’t an insult.


I happen to disagree. One catch can be the difference. And every one of the 4 catches were difference makers. I am looking at the quality and the impact of each of those plays rather than the quantity of total plays made. He wasn’t the main part of the game plan, actually I think they should have chanced it with him more. His main job was to occupy a third of the defense in fear of him making a play in this game. I think they should have gone to him more, especially late when our O-linemen were getting hurt because he can make those catches nobody can make. The impact of the plays he did make and the disruption he caused the defense was not making him look ‘human’. He is the best receiver in the game and he had an impact that was noticeable in the offensive production of the game.


Two were on the first scoring drive, and he had one catch in the second half on a drive that resulted in zero points.

I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on what is a human performance and what is a noticeable impact and disruption.


Let the butthurt flow…