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NFL 2016 Season


But to not be a dick, I’ll breakdown what happened from a near suicidal pats fan last night:

ATL came out on fucking fire. That D looked amazing and they were smacking the shit out of the Pats for 40 mins of football.

ATL offense was moving and scoring with lightening speed. This ultimately is why they lost. Counter intuitive I know, but it is what it is.

The Pats kept grinding on Offense, and by the 3rd quarter there was over an hour of real time where the ATL D had been on the field. That is what broke them ultimately. They just got worn down. The Pats kept their shit together (unlike myself) and just went play by play, until the ATL D was toast, and then scored 31 of the most amazing points in Super Bowl history.

Major takeways:

  1. No such thing as “game is won” until the clock reads 0:00

  2. The Pats FINALLY have their circus catch.

  3. The Pats basically made Antione Brown and Julio Jones completely human in two straight games.

  4. ATL is poised to win 3 out the next 4

  5. Best part of last night, by far: Brady’s mom is sick. Real sick. Like on her last leg dying of cancer sick. The fact she was there last night, and got to watch her son engineer the greatest comeback of all time, in the greatest superbowl of all time, to cement his place as greatest QB of all time… There was a lot, and I mean a LOT to be happy about as a Pat’s fan last night, but this here fact is by far the best part of the whole thing.


Agreed; except, for this:


Here’s my problem with that:

That doesn’t account for the fact they blew a 25 point lead (well they were still up 8 at that point so say 17 for shits and giggles.)

But more importantly, they danced with the bitch that brought them. Aggressive Ryan & his offense going for the kill shot. Hard to not respect that. Pat’s D finally found their feet and stuffed the shit out of it. ATL brought their best in that drive, the formula that got them to the SB in the first place, and the Pat’s just outclassed them.

I’m not saying the play calling can’t be questioned, and it sure will be, but end of the day, it’s light-years better than Carol throwing on the Goal with Lynch in the backfield as far as calls go.


I dunno about light-years…

Anyway congrats to the butt fucking GOAT (God, I hate Brady, lol).


Def light years. Pats had all three timeouts and Brady/Mitchell/White who were on God Damn Fire. Then Jules and Danny backing them up. I mean, ATL wanted to end the game on that drive with a statement, “we’re the new kids on the block and we won’t be bullied by these assholes”. I think calling those passes was infinitely better than NOT handing the ball to arguably the best RB we’ve seen in years…

I mean, I have a lot more understanding and respect for ATL putting the game on Ryan’s shoulders last night then Carrol trying to give Wilson the props that Lynch deserved.


But yeah man, I’m (we’re) so spoiled by Brady…

This whole town has 10 rings across all four sports in 15 years. So spoiled.


That comes down to whether you approach play calling from a “go with your gut” approach or from statistical, rational analysis.

Rationally and statistically, Marshawn Lynch was as likely to give up a goal-line fumble as Wilson was to throw an interception. The worst thing Carrol probably thought would happen would be an incomplete pass that stops the clock and gives Lynch a shot at it on the next play. But gut says that Lynch is beastmode and you can’t stop beastmode.

The Atlanta situation is the opposite. Rationally and statistically, you take three knees and kick a fieldgoal. Your kicker has never missed at that range and the clock will be too low for NE to do anything about it being down by 11 (or without timeouts). But gut says you don’t want to win like that.


Problem with all of this is the cheating. Spy gate really happened, even if everyone else was doing it the Pats kept doing it after they were told to stop. Deflategate was BS.

So Pats fans will call BB/TB the GOAT, and by wins they’ll be right.

Ask any other (non Pats) football fan in America what word they think of when they think of Tom Brady or Bill Belichick… “cheaters”. Doesn’t matter that they likely haven’t cheated in 15 years. That’s their legacy.


To salty ass children… Yes, that’s their legacy.

To adults… No, they are GOAT.


Fine but this whole conversation is moot if you take the game as a whole. They were up by 25 at half, and the Pats couldn’t move the damn ball without a turnover to kill the drive.

Like I said, you can question the play calling all you want, but end of the day… ATL did what they had done all year, and that got them within 30 mins of the best prize on Earth. So, at least in my opinion, I can understand and respect that choice. I mean, it isn’t like they suddenly switched to a new formula they had never considered before. They did what they had a ton of success with.


Pats won the Super Bowl Electoral College, so to speak.

(Smart-Assedness intended)



From BarStool:

Insufferable, yes.


I actually hate that the cheating thing exists. I wish spygate and deflategate didn’t happen so we could appreciate just how good they really are without the ankle biters and the overly defensive fans.

I think BB is the most tactical mfer to ever be football coach. You know after halftime you are getting an entirely different Patriots then you did in the first half. He always takes the best statistical play… to the point where it’s boring. “Oh look, Bill is kicking a field goal on 4th and 2 at the 5 yard line, because getting the points is better.” Meanwhile jokers like Tomlin go in with 1 game plan. If that doesn’t work… too bad. We’re running it anyway.

The coolest thing about Brady is him accepting lower pay. He gets more rings if he makes cap space around him and has a better team to take to the SB. Out of 325M people we can’t find 32 that make decent quarterbacks, so they should make bank. But he takes less than he could so they can win. That doesn’t get enough recognition IMO.


There literally isn’t a team or player that hasn’t cheated. Other teams have been in trouble for BOTH the things you’ve talked about here, and Spygate was utter nonsense just like deflate gate. Filming wasn’t illegal, they were standing 15 feet in the wrong direction while filming…

Players use PED’s, coaches do whatever they can to get an advantage, Jerry Rice admits he illegally used stickem. Neither sports players nor rock stars are role models. They are the politicians of bread and circuses.

That’s why I said adults dont’ care about that shit. Only children do.


Congratulations to the Patriots and their GOAT/ MVP Tom Brady on winning SB LI.


If it’s any consolation if it isn’t Atlanta vs Oakland in SB LII I’d be surprised.


Do you think that’s the case if Atlanta’s O.C. takes the San Francisco job? He’s certainly integral to their recent success.


List your most hated patriots. For me it goes:

  1. Edelman
  2. Amendola