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NFL 2016 Season


if Rex has anything to do with it he will … his teams are too damn undisciplined to win.


Presumably Romo is going to go on the market, so even if wanted to move think Eli woud hold off a year


What sort of shape will JJ Watt be in coming back from back surgery/lay-off? With the strong Defense and Clowney playing so tough, will the Texans just trade away Watt while he still has unknown value?

-Sam Bradford got a little banged up, but made it through the season. Good for dude.

-Everyone knows about Kaepernick, but do casual fans/regular people know about Alejandro Villanueva?

-Did Rex Ryan suck that bad as head coach, or were the Bills just going after Frank Riech super hard?


Where the hell has @mbdix been? An NFL thread with him is like a Trump PWI thread without Zeb.


That holding call on the 2 pt conversion last night, just wow! destroyed my hopes of overtime. It’s the right call just at an inopportune time, you think the ref would have swallowed his whistle. That was a bit much referee interference in that play for my liking. Also that toe drag with knees out what a catch, finally some close games.


We going to the Super Bowl!
Welp @countingbeans, it’s the Brotherhood against that Boston Steamroller. May the best team win… I ain’t talkin’ smack, I know who the Patriots are. But I can’t wait.


I hope the Pats get fucking crushed…


Crushed I doubt, but ATL has a chance to win. Depends on how it shakes out, if we can get to Brady and if we can score like we have been scoring, we have a decent shot. If it’s a shoot out, it will be the team with the ball last. If it’s a grind, then I think the Pat’s have the advantage.

I just hope we win, fair and square. That’s what I want to happen.

Both teams come into the SB crushing elite QB’s so, we just have to ball. I think the match up is good, I don’t think the Pat’s will simply lay waste to the Falcons.


You do realize Emperor Belichick thrives off of haters salty tears, right? You’re like the Steeler’s defensive game plan, you’ll never learn…


I agree … Ya’ll have some weapons man. It’ll be a good game (I’m hoping).

Either way, the best team on that day will win…good luck to Atl … but let’s go Pats


Lol, well, I’m not too worried that Ol Belichick is scrolling through these forums…


It should be a good game. I just love watching Brady throw a hissy fit when he loses big games.


He may not be, but Ernie … maybe.




Are you kidding me?!?!??

Ridiculous comeback, prob the greatest 4th quarter I can remember.




Solid implosion by the Falcon’s, well done…


So… Someone told me this morning there was a game on last night…



In all seriousness, how many rings is New England gonna be handed… Seattle and now Atlanta, wtf man.


I’m choking on Brady’s dick, but not as bad as the ATL D choked on it last night.

lol @ handed… haha