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NFL 2016 Season


Baltimore and Denver both have shit offenses, though.


Flacco is far from Shit, and they were playing really well.

Holding Denver to 3 points at home, Sanders had a 5 point fantasy day, etc…

They aren’t Denver’s D from last year, or Seattle’s, just better than I previously though.


Oh, I don’t think Flacco is shit at all. They just haven’t really played well this years. Lots of problems besides Joe.

That Michael Floyd pick up, though… :areyoukiddingme:


Does anybody else find the nfl websites power rankings laughable or do I stand alone? Also 3 weeks in a row I have been a game off in my parlays. I now have a standing grudge against the vikes for that poor showing.
I think zeke jumped in that sally anne bin looking for the second part of his shirt.
How sweet would a giants NE rematch be, or as it will more likely play out seattle NEsb.?
My buddy and I who parlay each week also noticed a trend where the majority of 4 oclock games have the underdog winning. It seems like the officiating is fixed this year more than ever.


Power ranking are always a joke. Just click bait for fans to bicker among themselves.

That Vikes game was pathetic. A must win game to have a chance at the playoffs and they looked like they didn’t give a shit. I expect the offense to be brutal but that usually stingy defense lacked any sort of energy or aggression. I don’t think they stand much of a chance at Lambeau.

Really?? I need to start throwing some money on those games.


Rams are so fucking useless.


So my Dolphins are in the playoffs. I’m not sure how to feel. They give me hope and too often crush it in embarrassing fashion.


I can only imagine your ire this morning lol. I missed the end of the game, but watched the highlights… OUch.


Hopefully they never win again this season…

But week 17 is in Miami and Brady plays like shit there, so will need a stellar D performance to win this week.


Oh, that last one was a doozie!


It was rough…


Cowboys fans afraid to post here and jinz it?


I’m wondering how many players are going to be sitting. A win doesn’t really help Miami except possibly getting Houston instead of Pittsburgh in the wildcard round. I’m pretty sure however that the Pats want home field throughout the playoffs.


Sure but with Carr out, the assumption is Oakland will lose, and the playoffs then run through NE again…

That said, just as important as home field is the fact that you don’t play Pittsburg or the higher ranked team. But that gives you Baltimore at home… Again… in the playoffs… Again…


So has anyone tried to follow how Washington can make it in, highly unlikely but I like how complexed the formula is. For sheer entertainment value and an admiration for Rodgers ability to pull hail mary’s out of no where I am pulling for GB to beat detroit. Detroit’s defense has been less than stellar but stafford has had a good year.
I am intrigued to see which back up qbs play well in the playoffs, savage looked good but more often than not the texans are 1 and done, moore is meh and I havn’t seen enough of Mclovin in oakland to comment on it. But at last we have some entertaining games upon us should be a memorable post season.Also I would love for the boys to win it all but I find it unlikely this year with Seattle and NE with chips on their shoulders,


Also Bellichuk’s comments on resting players were priceless doesn’t add up I can’t comment towards those questions. lol


Washington makes it if they win and GB loses/ties. Nothing in the realm of football would make me happier than to see this come to fruition.

It’s looking like NE’s year. Very good defense and offense with minor threats coming from only the Steelers and Chiefs.

The NFC to me seems like a toss up. I don’t think the rookies in Dallas will get it done and no other team seems to be separating from the pack. Falcons and Packers offense’s are heating up, though.


Ahh yes I should have said tampa I went over the scenario again and tampa needs a metorite to hit the back side of orions nipple hair to make it in. Kc is quite a story considering I feel that alex smith is so similar to Flacco that I think they, KC can pull off some upsets in the playoffs. He desserves it and I think he as the ability to execute. Poe’s td pass the other day was the funniest thing ever. And thats against an above average defence.
Its really up to New england to show up and play each game its theirs to loose. It may be that his receivers shit the bed simmilarily to his loss against new york in 2012. I think they may sign hernandez for the remainder of the playoffs.


Well, Seahawks/49ers is fun so far. Worst team in the NFL dominating all phases in the 1st qtr…what the hell is going on???

Patriots looking a force, not to mention Gronk might come back early from back surgery(and already up and partying in Miami!)


So that was a lackluster wildcard weekend. Most lopsided victories in 36 years apparently.
Also how about the giants GM saying Eli is on his back 9 of his career also they probably lose firework fingers in free agency. Could Eli possibly ask for a trade? I would like to know Ryan’s brothers’ plans, they could be tv personalities but something tells me me Rex isn’t going down in history as a losing head coach.