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NFL 2016 Season


Whatever, lol, Brady will probably pull a win out of his asshole like usual.


We were just talking about this at lunch.

It should be close (unless one team just doesn’t show up for whatever reason) and Flaco turns it on this time of year, and isn’t intimidated by the Pats at all.

I think the Pats will drop this game, and the Denver game, limp into the playoffs uninspired and lose to the Ravens at home after the bye in the playoffs, just like a couple years ago.

I think Bill lost the team, and unless the D suddenly comes alive again… They don’t have a shot.


Well, I certainly like your prediction!

I do think it’ll be pretty close and the Raven’s D is pretty good this year, but they haven’t faced a really good qb in a while. They better pass rush better than they have been.


Don’t have to do that to beat the Pats this year. Just enough pressure to get Brady moving will work, his knee is FUBAR.

Also, with GRonk out, you cover Edellman and Bennet, stop Blunt and force Brady to win with the Rookie and the white guy from the Dolphins with intermediate range passes. He can’t.


So, Playoff predictions:

#1 Patriots
#2 Chiefs
#3 Ravens or Steelers
#4 Texans
#5 Raiders
#6 Ravens / Steelers

I’m really torn on the AFC North, but I’m leaning towards the Steelers. The Raven’s have such a tough remaining schedule, but I think they can hold out enough to get that 6 seed.

#1 Dallas
#2 Seahawks
#3 Falcons
#4 Lions
#5 Bucs
#6 Giants


They have the #2 scoring defense this year. I don’t see them losing this one at home.


Sure they play bend but don’t break, and are much better in the last 30 yards than the first 70.

But you have to understand my perspective. This D was supposed to be elite, like #1, better than Seattle etc coming into this year. Then outside of last week they have just played real base zone D and have been picked apart…


They have only played two good offenses this year, to your point (Seattle, Pittsburgh) but they are also top ten in yards. Also, their offense is 6 in points scored and they rarely lose at home. Still a damn good team. AFC will be going through Foxborough this year.

BTW, who is your team Beans?


He’s a self-deprecating Pats fan, lol…

I just hope Brady doesn’t pull some deflategate bullshit, right @countingbeans :badpokerface:


Damn, haha, I thought I was harsh on my team. I guess when you have 4 Superbowls in the last 15 years, you have higher standards than the rest of us.

Ravens always play the Pats tough though, so should be a good game.


They might as well put an ad on Craigslist for a new Rams coach. Piece of shit team, all the hoopla because it came back to LA, all for nothing.


Sweet game :middle_finger::middle_finger::middle_finger:


Sweet game :grin::grin::grin:


Wouldn’t have even been close had the Pat’s special teams not went full retard there for 2 plays




I’ll be honest, D looked like a pack of studs out there. Made Flacco look very, very human, and were pounding on people.

Offense looked great against a damn good Ravens D.

And the Pats played well enough to overcome awful SP meltdown in the third.

That rookie RB for the Ravens is a tough mofo.



Tom is the greatest.


The pre-game story about the kid with terminal brain cancer who loves/admires Brady so much he had his neurosurgeon carve Brady’s jersey number into his skull at the time of his last surgery–man, that story was a tearjerker.


Finally got the chance to watch it yesterday, while on a client site, waiting for the owner to come back from lunch.

I had tears flowing hardcore when the client came back. He’s like “ummmm, everything alright”

“Have you seen this story here?” And I pointed to the video.

He was like “ohhh, yeah, I cried when I saw that the other night too.”


Looks like I should eat some shit on the Pats D. I guess it’s better than I thought.

Outside the two touches they handed Baltimore with crap ST play… They have been lights out for a couple weeks now.