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NFL 2016 Season


Oh how things have changed in just a few weeks. Our offensive line is hard to watch. Vikes look like a completely different team than the one they trotted out the first five weeks of the season.


Did anyone else see this?

I thought Rex was gonna murder the officials.


He should wait for an offsides, apparently you can get away with murder as long as it’s preceded by an offsides…


It was hilarious.

To be fair-ish to the officials, it was a confusing situation. Since Sherman didn’t just jump offsides but was actually “unabated to the kicker” the play should have been blown dead more definitively sooner than it actually was. I think that’s why things got so confused…if he had not jumped offsides and dove into the kicker’s leg on a live play, it’s an obvious roughing the kicker, but since the refs were in this hazy zone of whether the play was dead or not, somehow they must not have been paying attention.

I was glad that the Bills thought of the idea to spike the ball and then kick the FG so they still could attempt it (since the trainers had to come out on the field to check on the kicker, by rule he had to leave the field for a play).

Kinda sucked that in a game which ended up being really close, this happened. Those three points could have made a huge difference late.


Not to mention they got hit with a delay of game after spiking the ball moving the kick back 5 yards. The whole thing was a mess.


That was a fun one to watch. Remember Jimmy Graham and Percy Harvin?

Week 9
Cowboys at Steelers Sun 4
Seahawks at Patriots Sun 830

Finally a couple good ones!


I texted a friend last night when I heard his name announced and was like “Wait, did they just say Percy Harvin?”

I had no idea he had signed with a team.


I am disappointed, but not surprised.

As a Minnesota sports fan, it’s not a question of IF, but WHEN your team will descend back into mediocrity. This is our burden. What little we have to be happy about, is all we have, so we might as well be happy about it.

I am glad to see we are auditioning other kickers. when you can’t do the MODEST TASK WHICH IS YOUR CHARGE (Lebowski quote there), as in get the PAT, then you give the coach no choice but to seek replacement.

I could’ve missed that PAT, and had that FG blocked for just $30,000 if they want me?


@ActivitiesGuy @SkyzykS
Sooo Sorry fellows

What a game!



They’re having a bad season. Coaching staff changes plus the loss of too many veterans the past couple of years is coming back to haunt them this year.

Player turnover plus retirement makes this entirely Tomlins team (except Roethlisberger) so I blame him. It took a while, but was inevitable. We’ll see how some of these guys develop, but I’m not optimistic for the next couple of years.


First, although I’ve just passed the 12-year anniversary of moving to Pittsburgh, I have retained my Eagles-fan loyalties (although the Stillers are definitely my “second team” just by virtue of living here for so long, and generally liking a couple of the team’s players).

Second, what a game, indeed. I think that goes into the annals among the best (or at least most entertaining) regular-season games we’ll ever see. Three possible “game winning” touchdowns in the last 2 minutes, including one on the ol’ fake-spike play. Tremendous stuff.


The mediocre Raven’s are #1 in the division wooooooohhhhhhoooooooo!!!


I’ve watched probably 60% of what I normally would and here is my thoughts:

Jesus the product on the field is bad, really bad. And the shitty and inconsistent officiating is the bulk of the blame. The officiating is a laughing stock. Replay’s of big plays show blatant and egregious holds all the fucking time, and ticky tack holds will get called over and over again. Pass interference… lmao good luck figuring out when it will and won’t be called. It’s the leagues fault the product sucks, not the coaches or players IMO.

The Cowboys are fuckign legit, and if their D gets hot at the right time, they are getting a ring.

Miami looks great and the Giants look really solid too.

Denver, Seattle, Pats and whole host of what were “2nd tier” teams all look very beatable. I don’t think any of the teams you expected to be in the championship games in August will be there, unless you expected the Cowboys, Giants, Raiders and Miami.

I can see Oakland winning 2 of the next 3 superbowls. Or I can see them winning a total of 6 games after this year, depends on the Front Office.

lmao… Poor Cleveland…


Ole Red Garrett deserves a ring for putting up with Jerry Jones for years.


I predict Seattle beats them in the playoffs. Vikings D shut them down and Seattle’s might be better. Seattle also has something Minnesota doesn’t have. . An offense.


They just lost what’s his name, though.

@countingbeans The Raven’s are about to beat that ass!


James Harrison says he’s been Randomly drug tested 6-7 times this year.


Earl Thomas was a big loss but still a dominating defense and pretty good offense. I don’t see the two rookies taking the Cowboys all the way.

Why is Flacco mediocre in the regular season and Joe Montana in the playoffs? I don’t get it haha.


Who knows, man. Dude just flips a switch in Dec and is lights out afterward. A lot of his struggles this year aren’t really his fault, though. Their O line was beat to shit for a while.


They showed a graphic and with Sherman, Thomas and What’s his name they are lights out. When any one of them is missing, they are very beatable.

I mean, who knows if the Boys can beat them in the playoffs… Seattle looks really good most of the time, and really bad the rest… [quote=“usmccds423, post:56, topic:221011”]
@countingbeans The Raven’s are about to beat that ass!

Probably, the Pat’s D is miserable.