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NFL 2016 Season


Bradford is who we thought he was.


Lol, the Browns got fucked by the officials yesterday and this is coming from a Ravens fan.


Corey Coleman scores 30 points on my bench last weekend and now breaks his hand in practice.

F you Cleveland


Ya, bitches


Vikes fan here and I was shocked at first and pretty confused when I saw that we gave up a first round pick for a mediocre, oft injured QB. After I had some time to think about it and do some research, I thought it was a great move by Slick Rick that had to be done to save the season(plus he graded out better than Teddy last year so that gave me hope.) Teddy may not be coming back at all but honestly, I haven’t missed him. Plus, our defense looks scary good. SKOL


Yeah, the Bradford move seems to have worked out so far, both ways, Y’all got a competent QB to hold things together for this season…and we are starting the Next Big Thing at QB. Seriously, it’s been only three games, but Wentz has looked the part. It’s not just about his stats or the team record, but how good he LOOKS. Some rookies that have good seasons, it just looks the whole time like they’re being propped up by a good defense or strong running game, but Wentz has been an absolute maestro the first three games. Directing traffic, calling the protections, scrambling but keeping his head downfield (the touchdown pass to Sproles was the play of a 10-year veteran).


Agreed. I thought Wentz was a mistake when they drafted him but he looks like he has been in the league for years. Extremely impressed with him and the Eagles in general. Should be a good showdown when the Vikes go to LFF.


You mean like when Tebow went 6-0? :slight_smile:

There are a lot of young QB’s who look good this year, but Wentz certainly had a day. Too early to tell for me but he’s somebody to keep an eye on. Could be a lot of fun to see him become an elite QB.


I just want to say, Raven’s fans are just the fucking worst. That’s all.


Vikings man.

I’m excited for our 4-0 start. Its really fun watching a team with such a nasty defense. Watching frustrated opponents is super entertaining. Sam bradford is getting it done, mostly. I would like to see more scores near the 30 pt mark though.


I sat Matt Ryan in favor of Philip Rivers this week in fantasy. Fuck me…


One of the few benefits of being a Jets fan, is that I never have to know how it feels to lose to a team as pitiful as the Jets. Eh @usmccds423? :smile:



Painful. Utterly painful.



Lol I’m glad that walking Denny’s Grand Slam is gone. He basically epitomized every annoying Jets fan. GUARANTEE super bowl this year then nothing but apologies.

Now we have Todd Bowles, who if you close your eyes sounds like


New England at Pittsburg (with no Big Ben) was pretty good for 3 quarters.

Is anyone going to watch Denver pass rush vs. Brock Osweiler tonight?


Happy T-Birthday @FlatsFarmer! I will probably watch but the prime time games have all sucked this year…


Reporter: How do you feel about scoring your 68th touchdown?

Gronk: One more and I got 69, baby!


I like Gronk. I read an interview with him where he bemoaned the fact that everyone thinks he is constantly partying. Like even if he goes out to lunch on a Monday fans will swarm and shove liquor shots in his face lol. Humanized him a bit.


I mean he owns a party bus business and constantly promotes himself to be a party boy - what are fans supposed to think when all you see or hear from him in media is largely from him partying … i mean Yo Soy Fiesta is a thing.

But yea, Gronk’s super likable none-the-less … I’d imagine he wasn’t really complaining about it in the interview, more like just being honest about it…