NFL 2016 Season

Season opener is September 8, with the Broncos hosting the Panthers.

Oh, and Romo is out 6-10 weeks.

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Romo is done… Yeah, he will try to come back, but he will not be successful. He broke a second bone in his back. He is as tough as anybody, mentally and I applaud his courage, but he hasn’t played without pain from the first back injury. And this is a back injury and he is 36. I would love to play pro-football and make millions of dollars, but I like walking on my own two feet a lot better. I think in the end, he will too. I like Romo. When he’s on, he’s one of the best, but the sun is fading on his career and with a broken back, I just don’t think you bounce back…

Ooo, Sanchez bombed in Denver. Sieman named starter, but for how long over Lynch? Think they’ll cut Sanchez?

J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!! My prediction: Matt Forte is a bust and Fitzpatrick shows us that last year was lightning in a bottle. We will miss D’Brickashaw Ferguson on the line, and will have to rely on superb seasons from B Marshall and Decker to have a productive season.

In other news. Odell Beckham Jr locks down “best non-QB player in the league” honors this year, Von Miller proves once and for all that you don’t unload the boat for a pass rusher (Broncos finish 5-11), and Andrew Luck has a glorious redemption year.

If Baltimore can just stay healthy this year…

Yeah they should have had back up plan for quarterback long time ago.

We all hope our teams stay healthy. My condolences to the Vikes. What a horrible thing to happen to what seems to me to be a good guy and a good QB. I hope most teams stay healthy and the competition is based on the best beating the best, at their best.

Jets will go 3-3 in their brutal 6 game stretch to start the season. 4-1 their next 5, Fitz will go down with an injury and Geno will take over and lead them to the promise land. In all seriousness I do believe the Jets Defense will carry them far this year and lead them to another 10-6 season. I worry about injuries to Forte and Marshall which I forsee each missing some time, as well as Powell who is always due to miss time. Overall its a quality roster and I do believe will make it to the playoffs in spite of one of the toughest schedules in the league.

You sound like my chronically optimistic friend. I hope you guys are right haha

Ravens release Justin Forsett

Ravens sign Justin Forsett

Ravens fined by Roger Goodell for excessive rosterbating

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You gotta play the game man…

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Any big fantasy prediction?

I picked Christie Michael as my breakout sleeper pick in both my leagues. :pray:

Hope so. I’ve got him in one league. These things are impossible to predict but … I drafted Titans rookie receiver Tajae Sharpe and he looks promising as well

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Well I’ve been a disillusioned Dolphins fan for most of my life so it’s hard for me to get excited about them. I actually have a bet with another Miami fan that they wont win more than five games. I’m pretty confident.

I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought myself so clever for finding this guy…

I’m more of a college guy than NFL guy, but I do still enjoy my share of the League. Any Viking fans on here? As a Philly fan, I thought someone was playing a joke on me when I learned that we got a first-round pick for Sam Bradford (mostly because I was so frustrated at how much $ we had invested at QB for three very flawed options, and I was ticked that we gave up so many draft picks for Wentz), But from the Vikes’ side, I can at least see the logic - with a tremendous supporting cast and nearing the end of Peterson’s prime, with a cast of stud young defenders who are all going to get PAID soon (meaning you won’t be able to keep them all) they decided to go all-in for this season, hoping that mere “competence” from Bradford at QB is enough to get them into the playoff derby. I wouldn’t have made the trade myself, but I do understand it…

True - THIS is Bradford’s moment, and this season will determine whether he’s a legit NFL QB or just a brittle bust. He’s got a ready-made team with Super Bowl aspirations. That being said they’d still have to wrestle that division from the Packers, and Aaron Rodgers is a god damn killer.

Personal theory time: I believe that there are only a handful of guys who can look like a “legit NFL QB” in any situation. Most guys are at least somewhat dependent on the “context” - having the right coach to unlock their potential, the right system, the right guys around them, etc. Among the guys currently playing, I think you’ve basically got Brady, Roethlisberger, Brees, Rodgers, Newton, Wilson as the guys who are clearly going to stand out as star-level quarterbacks regardless of what’s going on around them (plus a guy like Andrew Luck, who had carried the Colts through his first three seasons before struggling with injuries last year, but everyone seems to be unanimous that he’s a stud and that last year was a fluke).

Beyond that, there are plenty of other guys who can range from “Man, he looks pretty good!” to “Why are we starting that scrub?” depending on what’s going on around them. There are some other guys who I really like (Philip Rivers, Alex Smith, Andy Dalton) that are clearly “capable” NFL quarterbacks but are at largely dependent on having some things break right around them. Dalton in particular gets a lot of hate that I don’t understand (his first four seasons are, believe it or not, pretty favorably comparable to Peyton Manning’s first four seasons in the NFL). I also happen to think Eli Manning is a bona fide star and would be delighted for my team to line him up on Sundays, but there are tons of fans who think Eli sucks and only starts because his name is Manning. Beyond that you’ve also got guys like Derek Carr, Blake Bortles, Matt Stafford, even Jay Cutler and Ryan Tannehill that have shown they can play at a passable NFL level when surrounded by competent coaching and talent.

Finally, one of my favorite examples any time a discussion like this comes up is Rich Gannon. Drafted in 1987, started for parts of five seasons in Minnesota, Washington, and Kansas City, never doing anything more than pure-journeyman stuff (I mean, Gannon’s career stats from 1987-1998 look basically like Shaun Hill’s career trajectory, right?) before taking over the Oakland job in 1999 at age 34…and promptly making four straight Pro Bowls, two All-Pro teams and a Super Bowl. Imagine if Ryan Fitzpatrick took the Jets to three straight division titles and a Super Bowl in the next three seasons. That’s pretty much what Gannon did starting at age 34 after an otherwise pedestrian career. What changed? Well suddenly Gannon had an offense with Tim Brown, Jerry Rice, Charlie Garner (soooo underrated!) - you get the picture. Context is a huge factor for the “good-enough” guys.

I think the Rams may have problems offensively. Wow. Defense looks okay. Not in the beginning, but for spending 40 minutes on the field 21 points ain’t bad. But this offense is horrific. They cannot block, they cannot throw, they cannot catch and they can barely run, with one of the best running backs in the league.
I thought th 9ers would suck and they may, but the Rams offense has refined suck.

It’s one game, I get it. But I don’t know how you turn this amount of suck around.

Edit: Make that 28 points. This game is not on the D though. Ugly.