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NFL 2013


Camps are open and things are starting to begin. Time for the new season of the NFL. Last year I posted Ray Ray as the first picture and they won it all. Well I have my eye on 49rs this year with their depth and second year starting QB Kap. Settle down DB we just got started.

In other news, Day one for Dallas training camp and fucking injury on the DL which is our weakest position on the team. FML


Smart money is on the 49ers. How often does a team make the NFC Championship 3 years in a row though?



Will this be the year the dolphins finally make me cut my wrists?


Hmmm the Fins are a 50/50 team in my eyes. Tanny needs to not have a sophomore slump and keep growing. I dont think losing Best was a good decision or Long for that matter.


Bess became redundant and Long was a financail decision. He will be missed, but he wanted money he no longer deserved and would have put us in a bad situation finanically.

This season rests on Tannys shoulders but I love the kid and think he has moxy. Aside from his blindside being suspect he will have plent of tools this year. To me the biggest wildcard on offense will be Lamar Miller.


Jerry mentioned on the press day that Garret isnt on the hot seat. Didnt he say the same thing about Philips pre season the year he was fired mid season? Either way, I find that hard to believe.


Yea I heard and thought the same thing.

Why wont he die.


So how bout them Jets huh? :wink:


Hahaha. Indeed.


I don't think the 49ers make it back to the super bowl , the playoffs but I also think Colin Kaepernick won't be all that next year.


I'm hoping Smith makes a comeback this year to show the 49er's they were douches for pulling him. I know he is more of a game manager but I feel for the guy. I want to see the Sea Hawks make a run again they are very entertaining to watch. Also the packers are always one of my go to choices of going far.

Being a Jets fan, this year will suck ass for my team, no great receivers and really holey offensive line. Interested in seeing Landry's bro play to see if he's any good. My take on the cowboy's is that they need to send romo to a shit team and get draft picks. I think he has the reverse Tebow effect, in where he plays great until the 4th Qtr. Not hating I liked the cowboys in the Aikman era, at least Jones sn't as stupid as the Raider's former owner lol.

Also the Texans or Bengals would be nice to see in the Superbowl. More then likely will be 49er's hard to say for the other conference.



Denver is the clear favorites to win the AFC but I wouldn't count out the Patriots, Ravens, or the Steelers.


Looks like Denver will probably lose Von Miller for 4 games unless his appeal overturns it for some reason.


Their team is stacked tho and barring injuries will win 12-14 games this year regardless.


They did lose Dumervil too. I know they signed Phillips from the Chargers, but he is older and slower. There is no question their offense should be good. I'm curious to see how their defense turns out.


Manning will go out the same way Favre did.


I think there divison is going to be better aswell although there's no way I can see any of them winning the divison, Unless the Chiefs suprise everyone.


Crazy stat I heard today. Russel Wilson was the number 2 selling Jersey last year.