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NFL 2013 Part 2




Yes chillain, the pass rush has been bad, really bad. Geno could have made a sandwich in that pocket.


Countingbeans, three of the past four teams that the falcons lost to had lower average player ages.


When it rains...


Damn, the Falcons are done for sure now. With Roddy White gimpy, every team is going to double Gonzalez.

The only guy I feel bad for on the team is Tony G. He decided to come back this year because he thought the team might be Super Bowl bound.


Falcons, Giants and Jags all gunning for that Number 1 overall pick lol


He loves stats Grizz you know since he is an accountant.

So keep asking him to back things up with Stats.


Well, that might be skewed by the fact Tong G is 400 year old lol.

I was just rubbing the NE loss in Pat's face one last time really.

I don't know that rookie really matters if they are good enough.


Its all good. I was just rubbing it in the Falcon's face that the AFC East has kicked their ass this year despite all three teams being younger.

PS. I am Fins fan.


Jacoby Jones should be back this week! Yes!!


Why are we not talking about how the NFL turned the probowl into a mockery to prevent it from become a mockery?

The Uni's look like Oregon hand me downs, teams are decided by 'team captains' who pick round robin with the help of fantasy football league winners. Ok, makes sense. Super legit now


People still watch the pro bowl?


They still have a pro bowl?


Chillain - Yessir dealing with Brian Schoteinheimer for years as the Jets OC, he is ultra conservative and maddening. To think that he was replaced with a guy who was even worse, Sparrano.

Jets O line played well, but will have to do it again against a team that has a modicum of talent up front because the Falcons pass rush is even more tepid than their run game.


YUP! When the injury bug hits, there's just nothing you can do... Julio is our biggest playmaker. We now have 6 major starters out. Done and done.
I did want Clowny, now I think we have a shot.


That depends on whether they were set to start from the beginning or whether they were slated as backups. Which our starters are out and these guys are backups.
The NE loss doesn't burn near as much as the jets loss. NE is a good team and they have Tom Brady. The jets are a shit team with Rex Ryan, who is so dumb as to think you could rehab a torn labrum; which is as likely as regrowing an arm. Losing to good teams doesn't suck near as bad as losing to bad teams. Losing to Tom Brady is far less ugly than losing to geno. Losing to the jets is like losing an arm wrestling match to a quadriplegic.
Besides, I like the Pat's, not better than the Falcons, but they are one of my favorite outside teams.
Losing to Tampa will suck even more. So injuries and shit or not, we better not lose to Tampa.
Still gonna support my team, either way. They are my team.


what's the pro bowl?


LOL...somebody call the WAHHHMBULANCE..

Your...team got beat by a young and hungry team, your team is a team thought they the jets were just gonna roll over....

Bad teams find excuses and ways to lose.

Good teams find ways to win.

Mike Smith looks like the only idiot here...

Keep on making excuses....there is never on my side...what a putz


Say goodnight....a team with a rookie qb, top offensive receiver out, top draft pick out, using a wide out they just signed of the street came in and shot a load in the falcons eye....paper tigers...


What do tony romo and JFK have in common?

Neither of them can finish an easy drive