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NFL 2011 Season Starts Now


Since I was asked lets move the discussion to here.

Brad I still dont understand how you can pay Weddle that kind of money and basically fuck over V. Jackson.


Holmes stays with the Jets, huge garumdamteed quid.

No way they get Asomugha now right?


Last year I believe we all gave our Super Bowl predictions to start the thread, lets do that again. I got mine half right last time. This year give me New England Vs Green Bay.


I heard from one of the talking heads that the Jets will still have room if they don't sign any other WR's to big contracts. I sure as shit hope they can't get him though.



Lessons learned on Merriman perhaps? Real bummer too, because I saw V Jackson in his rookie camp back in the day... Eager, friendly, busted his ass in practice, stayed and signed autographs for all the kids while he shooed off all the adult dudes. Seemed like a solid guy. Can't deny he's a major athlete with mad mad mad skills.

Know who else has mad mad mad skills? Megatron. Ever hear about Megatron fuckin' up and causing trouble?



You and me both. With those two guys in the defensive backfield they don't have to worry about their turrible pass rush. Jets would be like the Miami Heat of the NFL lol.


My pick for the Superbowl:

Steelers Packers repeat with the Pitt taking it this time. Every other team is too young, too old, etc.


Ya in the NFC its very hard to look beyond the Pack. AFC will be Jets, Pitt or NE but I just fancy Brady to finally get back to his old playoff winning ways this year.


I can't predict shit until the rosters are final.

I will be giving my locks of the week again though.

Thank god they are back.


You too busy to play T-Nation FF this year Beans? You'd be more than welcome I'm sure.


See DJ, it's not just me :wink:


I mean, I don't want to take the place of someone who takes it more serious, but I'll play


PM Westcoast7 and see if there are any spots left.


I think there is four spots left. PM WC.


This ^ right now it is just a lucky guess.

Early favorites Packers and Pats. Some reason Steelers never come off a SB year and do real well.


I get what you guys are saying but beyond Namdi to the Jets I don't see any FA moves or likely trades making anyone a contender who isn't already.


I'm surprised so many are for the Pack... and that's my team!

I cannot look past Chicago (hate to say it, they're sound,) Philadelphia (especially if they get anyone noteworthy for their secondary,) Tampa Bay or New Orleans. Atlanta is full of a bunch of pretenders, sawry!

And wtf, Chargers got Bob Sanders and Takeo?

In Madden, their rating is going to be like Offense: 96, Defense: 94, Special teams/coaching: 41



Just in, Hasselbeck to Titans.


^ I think Atlanta is building a solid team, they are just young. Yea Chargers got two guys with one foot in the grave.

Chicago is going to depend on Cutler and if he wants to play that day. :slightly_smiling:
Philly Vick will get hurt at some point this year, how many games will he miss might make the difference.
Tampa is young still a few years off.
Saints could make another run for sure.
My boys I just want to make the playoffs and be respectable this year.


Packers are definitely up there in terms of repeating. I think they have a solid core of players and with Rogders and Matt Flynn, they will be set to win for years to come. O-line played well but Rodgers still took a beating. They need to reduce sacks for him to stay healthy. IMO, he will be a first ballot HOFer when the time comes.
I hope my Ravens do well. Ravens - Packers SB would be amazing.