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NFL 2011 Part III


And it continues...


I was actually really hoping the Chargers would pull it out, that way the 49ers would've been tied for first in the NFC.

Crazy good endings to the afternoon games, almost everything was down to the wire. Patrick Peterson's punt return TD in overtime was an epic finish.



Should be hard hitting!

Can't wait!



Moving on.


Ward got knocked the Fuck out by Ray Ray


Massive hit, great collision between two awesome veterans.

The level of intensity in this game is very entertaining, I just wish it wasn't getting ruined by horrible "hit on a defenseless receiver" calls, this is the NFL, not a flag football league...


Yeah, that first pick wasn't entirely his fault, but the second one was a bad read. This is actually Rivers first 3 interception game of his career.

I must say, Aaron Rodgers makes the most perfect throws of any QB I have seen in the league. Best QB in the league hands down.


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I forget, but I know he was a whiner.

On the other hand, what a play by Suggs. That guy is a beast and a half.


He's got Big Ben's ass in his basement fridge.


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This is why the NFL is much better than college. This game was way better than the "game of the century" last night. Props to the Ravens for doing what they can never do, beat the Steelers twice in a season.


One night after LSU/Alabama, and it was just another gem.

Good weekend for football.


Just think of it as different, not better or worse - NFL being the best of the best obv, but the college atmosphere makes it a different animal entirely.

Big win for young Flacco too, he (and Torrey Smith) really needed to make that play.


College is good, I just think NFL is better. There are college rules I really dislike, only need one foot for a catch in bounds and if your knee is down then you are down even if there is no contact. That plus a game like Ravens vs. Steelers really shows you how physical real men can get.


I hear you, but no point comparing men to boys (granted very developed and very gifted boys, but still)

I just suggest dismissing the comparisons completely - I mean, no one wants NCAA football to be the same injury-riddled gladiator arena that modern-day NFL football is, right??


Don't forget college football doesn't have a playoff system. The mid season games can get exciting and then you get to Bowl season and it's like who gives a crap. Imagine how much more competitive, exciting and FAIR college football could get if the universities pulled their heads out of their asses and put in place some sort of playoff structure.


To all you who were doubting DeMarco Murray a couple weeks ago when I suggested he'd be the lead back even when Jones returned, he's proving to be legit.

22 carries for 139 yards and 4 receptions for 47, all against one of the leagues top rushing defenses. Impressive stuff, and it will be very interesting what the 'Boys do when Felix is back and healthy...


DM is legit, he looked really good.

I just hope he rotates a bit with Felix--I'd hate to see him get used up so quickly.


I see days back when we had the Barbarian, DM is going to get 18-20 touches a game and Felix will get the 10-12 touches a game. Both with carries and catches. Felix has proven that he can not be the bell cow ala Reggie Bush.