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NFL 2011 Part II


Chris Colinworth sucks so much fucking dick his throat must ache like a motherfucker.

(I'm drunk, BTW)

^last post in part one..



I hope the Falcons pull this one out.


Collinsworth is okay. You learn to dislike him a lot more when you play Madden for 500 hours, though. (Wish I was exaggerating that number.)

I do also hope Atlanta pulls it out, because phuck any sports from Philly.


Yeah, that pretty much. I'm sorry steely, but one of the best parts of my entire "sports fan" life is that the pats beat them in a super bowl. They could win 6 out fo 7 and I'll always smile that they lost to the pats.

A lot of the "I route against them" now comes from Vick hate. I hope he burns in hell, and anyone that has done similar to a dog.


Dude, Vick's backup, did pretty well. Shit.

Maclin lost that throw, what a bitch. Makes 200 plays, and when the game is on the line drops it...



A lot of my hate for Philly comes from the years that they consistently denied GB from progressing in the playoffs. I hate to mention... gack... "4th and 26." (I still have nightmares.)

About Vick - pretty appalling, without a doubt, but I can't deny a man a chance for redemption.

Some great finishes today. Got to see the end of the Buffalo game - EPIC! I like what they're doing up there, and love those "new old" jerseys. So crisp, so classy. Then this game just now - that special teams player Nicholas made a HUGE tackle against DeSean Jackson, he looked like he had found a little seam.


He wasn't too bad. Good for the Falcons and good for Matt Ryan.


I guess Vick pointed at the scoreboard a bit too early.


The older I get, the less compassion I have for people.

Good game, almost fucked up big time not trying for a first at the end. Hand the fucking ball to Tuner FFS.


Hell no! I won my fantasy game by two points and the guy I played had Turner. I was so happy they were kneeling the ball down, haha.


All is right in the world, Pittsburgh gets a win and the Ravens shit the bed.

Buffalo and The Deeetroit Lions are tearing it up! How long will it last.


I think the Lions are for real, I cant help but want to see the Bills do well even though their in my division, that city needs something to root for. No name players playing hard and a Harvard QB.

Freddy Jackson has been a solid pro who has basically been forgotten, I believe he is a FA next year, looks like hes gonna try and cash in, but at 30 who will bite?

As far as my Jets, Ive been overall underwhelmed even though they are 2-0, their D looked stout, but this was against Luke fucking Mcnown, Other than Holmes and Keller the other receivers have been non-existent, Mason looks as old as father time and Buress was a non-factor this game. The O-line espescially Wayne Hunter looks mediocre, and Mangold getting hurt was/is a big scare escpescially since their back up was up until recently working for UPS as a driver, though he played pretty well. Mark has been erratic throwing some real floaters today and making some bonehead playes (ala slowing down while your still in the field of play, gotta be smarter than that) I am happy he and Keller are reconnecting.

But I do believe all of the above will work itself out...The one thing that I am not sure will work itself out is the run game, awfully mediocre, Shonn Greene had a couple of good runs but seems to have trouble putting it into second gear, LT at this point IMO is nothing more than 3rd down back with receiving skills. The coaching staff HAS to give Mcknight 10 touches, as this will spell the jets doom when other people realize that the Jets may have one of the worse running attacks in the AFC.


Ouch, what a bad start for the Chiefs. Looks like Charles is out for the year with a torn ACL. That's too bad because he is an exciting back to watch.




WC I dont know man, did you guys play up? Or did Dallas play down? Or are both of these teams really in a rebuilding faze?

Going to be a long season.

Bring on the Foreskins.


I'm with you on the Bills needing something to cheer about. I've been to a few games there over the years and their tailgate party atmosphere is incredible. When they were good with Kelly & Co I went to a game and that place shook from the fans cheering.

The Jets are walking into a trap game this week imo, @ Raiders.

The true test is in two weeks against the Ravens.


No shit, last week they lost their best DB. Redstar will be ready to blow a gasket.


DJ, were you expecting Rob Ryan to have his guys ready to play sooner than this? I missed the games due to work so I haven't seen any footage. Pass D is the biggest weakness right now no?

Nice to see Romo bounce back as well.


Actually no this is what I expected to see at this point. We got 5 or 6 sacks yesterday and Rob adjusted at half time really well. We still have injuries in the secondary.

At one point Romo was 0-7 pass attempts then we discover he has two rib fractures after halftime.


Sacks good, broken ribs, not good. I hope the fans arn't saying things like "well Troy played with THREE broken ribs so...".

That would be brutal.