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NFL 2011 Part 4


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To continue: TO either REALLY REALLY still wants to play ball or he REALLY REALLY needs the money.

I can't see the latter being possible, but you never know with these guys.

If it's the former, I really respect the passion.


Giants to win, flu-like symptoms or not.


Also, if Mike Tice leaves for the Raiders head coaching job, the Bears are seriously fucked... no OC, no GM, and all the candidates are sub-par.




God, wouldn't it be terrific?

Nah, they're fucked anyway, brow.


yep... :expressionless: Jay Cutler was finally working with Mike Martz, too. I don't know about the decision to fire him.


Martz didn't get fired, he quit/retired.


I thought it was a forced resignation. maybe I'm wrong.


Is it just me or is the Ravens-Pats line too high? 14-3 team as 7.5pt underdogs?


Steelers OC Bruce Arians retires. Can't say I will shed any tears over this. The redzone woes weren't all his fault or the shaky o-line play(to many injuries to list) but fuck I hated that empty backfield set.

They have a great set of receivers,including TE's and a good stable of young RB's. If they can just get some breaks on the o-line I think they have an excellent chance to be one of the better offences next year. That I hope will attract some good candidates, not sure who's left out there that would be a good fit. If Haley is still availible I think he's too much of a hot head to work with coach Tomlin.


That is not good news. But, at least they will have a full offseason to install a new offense.

I wonder when Lebeau is going to call it a career as well.


Maybe you get Mike Martz to come out of retirement. :slight_smile:


I think this comes down to the fact that it's the home team who averaged 34.2pts/gm in the regular season against a team that only averaged 23.6pts/gm.

NE was also 7-1 at home while Balt was 4-4 on the road. I think if you made the line closer, all the money would go on NE to cover.


NE also didn't beat any teams over .500


Fixed that for you.


from Chad Millman and Jimmy Vaccaro at ESPN.com:

Matchup: Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots
Line moves: Pats opened at minus-6.5, lined moved to 7.5.
Jimmy says: "I opened at seven and went to minus-7.5 almost immediately off of a big play, and smarts have been buying it back since then. I would bet it is up to eight by Sunday morning. I anticipate the smarts will take the dog late. The public saw Tom Brady throw six touchdown passes last week. It happens more times than not with the favorite in that type of angle with a team that has a huge win then going against a team that has to travel and didn't look so good. If we are strong on anything, the money is on the Pats in parlays. The numbers of people using them is three times higher than just straight bets. So I will be on the Ravens with the wise guys."

Matchup: New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers
Line moves: Niners opened at minus-2, currently at minus-2.5
Jimmy says: "This is like a flashback to when the Niners mattered back in the day. I was in Reno last weekend and all the money in Northern Nevada is on them. Come back here to Vegas and it's all on the Giants. We actually opened at three and took a big bet on New York that pushed it down to minus-2, then there was some buyback just in case the Eli Manning illness turned out to be serious. I think this game will end up closer to minus-1 because the money will come in on the Giants. But I can tell that bookmakers will be rooting for the Niners."


Can't wait for the games to start, especially the niners and giants.

The city is going to go nuts if niners win! Stay safe everyone!



Ravens need a huge game from Suggs today. I think it has to start with him, not Ray or Haloti. Reed will be Reed, cherry picking all day lol. The Ravens recieving core I don't have much faith in. I wouldn't be surprised to see Flacco have a great game but lose because his WO's couldn't hang on to the ball in a crucial situation or what not. I approve of this senario, as long as the Ravens lose, I don't give a fuck how.

Sloppy game in California, love it! Ground and pound. A few big plays will decide this one no doubt.


Here we go