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NFL 2011 Offseason


Hey we maxed it out. Combine next week.

What I hear this year is major depth at D-Line 8-10 early first round D-Line picks. I know the QB spot is not really looking all that promising.


Which will move up the value of Jake Locker I think.

However, is there any NFL team that's in dire need of a QB? (loaded question to initiate debate)


Locker better have a hell of a combine and pro day. His game footage shows he couldnt hit the broad side of a barn. In NFL accuracy is more important than huge arm in my opinion.

Carolina needs one, Buffalo, Vikings and Arizona


Pittsburgh needs a CB in a big way. Wonder if Cromartie is worth picking up as a free agent.

Strungoutboy, Rivers is one tough SOB no doubt about that, he's just ugly to watch throw a football. Looks more like a LB than a QB. I respect him but he is in the AFC which requires me to hate his guts for the most part.

Did you guys realize that even if there is a lockout the owners STILL get their TV revenues. No wonder they don't seem to be in a hurry to talk.

Goddell is scum and in the owners pockets which makes me ill.


^ Its a loan they have to pay it back with interest.


If we go a year without football ill go fucking crazy. whats up with gabbert? I didnt really see him play, is he as dirty as people are saying? also, anyone guessing on who takes cam early?


oh...I still hate em'


Gabbert has the physical set, mechanics and brain for a franchize QB according to the guys I respect. I watched a couple fo Mizzu games, if he had better WO he would have been known.

I say Titans fuck up and take Cam. Or maybe Cinci cause Palmer wants the fuck out of crazy town.


I agree, D-Line is really looking loaded and as much as I want a CB, I'd be fine picking up Quinn or Jordan. I would be insanely happy if we took a CB early and then traded up for a DE in the back end of the round, but that's just a dream.

QB is still our (49ers) biggest need though, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out...


WC you know your head coach better than anyone on here, what do you think he will do? I mean he was hired due to his ability to coach QB's etc. Heard anything?


I hope Cam falls to the Skins pick. They're on every week & that guy is worth watching. Shanny has a hard on for him. Since I beat Mel Krapper to it, I think he'll be gone..... unless Sf trades for McNabb & the Skins 1st round pick.


No print I dont want Cam on the foreskins. Just in case he ends up being good, I dont want him in my division. Kipper is a bad hair wearing dumb fuck. I would so punch that guy in the face.


phins need everything...

with the current FO in place we've pretty much fondled every o-line men in the nfl... the interior line has been a revolving door and i don't see that changing so later rounds we'll prolli pick up a few "project" linemen... still looking for a solid 2nd CB to play opposite davis (sean smith showed promise but he can't catch any picks at all)...

safeties are getting older and FS seems to be shaky at best... LB still need a few for depth... D-line is prolli the most solid but in a few years we're gonna need some youth in that position... we're prolli gonna lose either brown or ricky so no #1 RB for next year... qb has been a revolving door since marino left so do we go for another mid tier prospect (2nd rnd or later)? wr needs some speed but not a dire need...

Overall though i see Ireland's crazy ass trading down to get a late first and prolli late second and picking up an O-line in the first and with the late 2nd MAYBE (big maybe) picking up a RB... the rest of the draft will be uneventful and full of scrubs that the dolphins rate too high... i think of the last three years like a handful of guys have become starters... no stars... with a #7 ranked defense i would figure the fins would at least finish over .500


^Sanders just got released by Indy. Maybe you can make a play there. If he stays healthy & that's a big IF he's a beast.

I know you don't want him there DJ. But it makes the most sense. I think he is going to be a damn good QB in the league. He has a lot of untapped potential. If his brain works, he's full of win.


Well he will make a good husband or spy cause he can keep a secret. I just pray Shanny fucks up and takes Locker. :slight_smile:


if the draft were up to me i think i'd take cam in the first... hopefully he can scramble around enough to build a decent line around him... then in the 3rd i'd take a RB

and i think sander's best years are behind him...


Pittsburgh really needs 3 corners. They have Ike and really nobody else that's worth a shit, and he's turning 31 this year.

If they could get a run on corners like they did LBs last year that would be sweet. Too bad they let Gibson go. That was stupid.

Oh yeah, and fuck the owners (excluding the Rooneys) and especially FUCK ROGER GOODELL.


I don't see your team picking up Cromartie after they made a statement last year by getting rid of Santonio Holmes.

Chargers need help at a lot of positions. They could use another CB or safety. I huge need is on the D-line, especially DE. Probably a back up RB if Sproles leaves.


I see him bringing in a veteran or keeping Alex Smith around for another year to be a place holder for whatever young QB project he select, either in the draft of via trade.

Josh Johnson and Colin Kaepernick are in the mold that Harbaugh loves, athletic winners with good accuracy, just like Luck.

I'd like to have McNabb for a year or two, he'd fit well in the west coast offense that Harbaugh will run.


I would like to see teams suspended for continuous sucking.....

like a 5 year playoff drought should be punished with a season suspension