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NFL 2010 X 4


Damn this year this thread kicked ass.

Answer I think it was Beans question. Yes I would rest Vick.

Edit: okay not Beans, but WC


It was my question, dick.

The football threads are by far the best part of the GAL section. Full of gentlemen and scholars, who also possess massive amounts of muscle. Boom.


We are awesome.

Welcome to the playoff version of this thread.


Love the second quote after you call me a dick. :slight_smile: I went back and edited also just for you WC. Knuckle bump.


(gives fist bump in return)


Ok boys.... Who wants to start the talk of the Jets going to the SB?


Hell as long as Rex keeps coming out with foot videos of his wife they'll keep winning


I hope the Kansas City Patz kick the snot out of Sexy Rex and his boys.

That D is playing like Poopcicles and I was apparently wrong about them. SO for making me wrong, I fart in their general direction.


Print I hate to say it man but they are stumbling at the wrong time of year. Since this will be the "official" playoff thread should be some interesting discussions. Power rankings anyone?

  1. Pats
  2. Saints
  3. Atlanta
  4. Ravens
  5. Steelers
  6. Bears

Thats enough for now, sorry Print and Matty but the Jets are having problems right now. What have you all heard about Sanchize shoulder? Or is that just smoke and mirrors.


Nope, lets start the talk of us dumping you out of the playoffs in the first round instead.


Ok ok ok.... listen here boys. The O has played well in the last couple of weeks. wouldn't you say? Sanchez has had his 2 best games & is looking good for a long run.

The def. is my concern. Rex has said they will pad up all week & get back to fundamentals. So hopefully we shore up our tackling & win the SB.

You don't really mean that do you Beans. They're your closet fantasy & now you're deflecting anger cuz you're hurt inside. Don't worry pal, before you know they'll be back having a party in your in your pants in no time.


Fuck....they blocked TNation at my job


Ouch, maybe there is a way around the fire wall. Have you tried anything?


Playoffs?!!?! Don't talk about PLAYOFFS?!!!

You kiddin' me? ... PLAYOFFS??!!?


I dunno how to do it bro. Does anyone? It took me an hour to type this. Pn my cell.srry for the hijack


You're going to have to find another job.

... And don't forget to add a "T-Nation Clause" to the employment contract.


They'd only have to win three straight games and one of those is in New England. Sure, let me know how that works out for ya. ;0



I already asked the question, hopefully you get some answers. I work on people not computers. I hope you had a great Christmas Matty.


On any given Sun. my friend. For all we know NE loses in the first round......


Will look forward to the matchups. I think the Eagles are going to regret lossing last night. I hate to say it but to me Green Bay looks like a scary team, fucking Rogers can really throw the rock.