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NFL 2010 X 3


Damn we rock.


Da Bears.

Gonna get rolled by the Eagles.

But hopefully still come out on top over the Packers in NFC North.

DAAAA Bears.


If the Texans go 8-8 again, I will personally dry hump Matt Schaub all of the next off season.


Kube will be fired if they dont make the playoffs. They are not making the playoffs at the bottom of their division. Kube will be fired.


And then brought in as an OC somewhere. same with Singletary, on the other side of the ball

And maybe for next year, HOU brings in Jeff Fisher. again. sort of.


You guys ready for some minor league Monday Night Football tonight?!?


This shit cracked me up.

I hope it's a high scoring affair at least.


This will be my first and only night I will be staying home and watching a Monday Night Football whole....and its with 2 teams I could care less about. Go Chargers!


Glad to see the Eagles winning the close ones. The NY Defense played Vick about as good as any team can - those guys are dangerous. Eli could have taken that drive down to tie it, if only he'd slide. Should be a good game in Chicago, although I don't think that the Chicago defense is as fast as NY's.


Chicago defense is going to do great, as usual, and I actually believe the game is winnable for the Bears if a couple things happen: 1) the O-line does their job to keep the pressure off Cutler, 2) no more 7 step drops, 5-step drops for Cutler, or get out of the pocket, 3) Forte and Chester step up their running game, and 4) Hester doesn't fucking slip and actual catches a ball as receiver!


I hear Brad Childress has just been fired. All is right with the world again.


I have mix feelings about that, I feel that the QB should have been sacked before the Head Coach


I agree in this situation. Sometimes it really is the dick pic sending douchebag that is the problem, and the bald guy is a-okay.


Chargers getting it done again!!! The defense looks great considering there really aren't any superstars on the team. Ron Rivera is really starting to come around as the D coordinator.


Oh my god i'm sick of hearing about the worthless Vikings firing their coach.


Brett Farve,Throwin Picks and Sextin' chicks.


I gotta say why do the vikes still curious about what Tavaris Jackson can do? We already know what he can do...not much. Hes a good athlete with no accuracy and likes to throw to the guys w/o horns on their head. They made a big mistake trading Sage Rosenfels to the Giants, the guy is a slinger and can get it done if given the chance.

I know they got drilled against the Chargers but how in the world did Kyle Orton Once get removed from his starting position By Rex Grossman, the guy is having a great year.

As much as the Chargers are paper tigers, I have to give it to Rivers, he really is a great QB, hes doing it with mirrors, Ill be curious to see how Jackson plays next week.

I am as big of an Eli Manning fan as anyone on this thread, now we will see how good I think he is. Hes gonna have to throw to Manningham, Derek Hagan, Duke Calhoun, Kevin Boss and they are working out Michael Clayton (the tb receiver or is it mark?) Rivers is doing it, Peyton is doing it....lets hope he doesent make me eat my words.

I cannot wait to see Revis smother TO while I put myself into a trytophan induced coma on Thursday (I know, I know the trytophan thing isnt true)


Outside of finding out that Rivers is inbred yesterday, I think the Childress firing is the biggest story of the day.


Dont you see the pattern print? if it isnt about the Chargers Strugout thinks its crap...hes like fucking grumpy smurf!


^Agreed. I thought his first post was decent. Than he drops a deuce right behind it.