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NFL 2010 x 2


Okay we capped out.


I always was a bit of a anomoly. Born and Raised in Queens but grew up a yankee fan. For much of my life I grew up right around Shea. Im also a Jet fan, but I root for the Giants too. I hate the Dolphins and Pats so much more than the Giants...we only play'em every 4 years, thats when I realized I was more of a Jet fan...much more.


Intersesting, all the sports here mainly GAA & Soccer are either Geographical (more GAA you play for your town or village) or social and more rarely religious.


After the Cribbs hit I think Harrison motioned to the sidelines for the trainer because he knew he got KTFO. I think that's what you're referring to.

The people (mostly writers and ex-QBs on TV) that are calling these hits dirty can kindly tongue my sweaty ballbag. The "defenseless receiver" rule was meant to protect airborne receivers from getting clocked when they land. It's not meant to protect you when you juggle a pass and duck your head right into the hit, which was a shoulder to helmet hit, not helmet to helmet.

The only way to properly protect yourself from getting your ass kicked by James Harrison is to not get on the bus in the first place. Just stay home and play checkers with your mom instead.


^ yes the Steelers are 4-1, I am happy for you. sorry I am grumpy cause Cowboys suck. But we get the chin as the next coach. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news;_ylt=AukLdLM.VtNnO5U1BqMMZWpDubYF?slug=cr-winnersandlosers101710


I think it is somewhat amusing to me how Jason Garrett was the second coming a few years ago and now he is never mentioned when somebody needs a head coach.

His star faded pretty fast.



^ Cream rises, Shit floats. He is a floater.


Both hits were dirty, get over it.

The first one, fine, he didn't know the guy wasn't going to keep running, and it was just teh angle he took. If that is your position, fine. I still think it was borderline, but fine.

The second one is NO different that the hit meriweather had on Heap, and people, Pats fans included, are disgusted and calling for a suspension.

That second hit is the exact reason the rules against that type of hit were written.

I get it, they are your team, and he is your guy. But there comes a time when you have to drop the 'homer' perception and look at shit objectively. He lead with his helmet and tried to spear the guy.


According to the associated press he doesn't care if he hurts players though I don't see any quotes from the man himself in the article



Heap was in the air (which is why the rule is there), the ball was nowhere near him, and Meriweather lead with his head. Harrison led with his shoulder (on the MoMass hit), the receiver was running and actively trying to catch the ball.

This is not the apples to apples comparison you are making it out to be. If you want to scold me for not being objective, you should at least make an attempt yourself.


They don't call James Harrison Silverback for nothin'. You should see the fottage of him taking out some asswipe that ran onto the field, hilarious. The players on his team were watching this happen at the time and said "man, if this guy comes near silverback it's gonna get ugly"...he got too close and got planted.

You want to see dirty google a guy that played for the Eagles named Andre Waters, that dude was evil lol.


The article said:

Of course he wants to "hurt" people. Every defensive player that has ever played the game wants to deliver big hits and "hurt" the other team. They want to intimidate. They want the receivers to hear footsteps when they're about to catch a ball over the middle, they want the QB to be nervous in the pocket, and they want the running back to not hit holes as hard as they usually would for fear of what's waiting for them on the other side. They want the other team to be afraid to run onto the field.

Harrison is more capable than most in this regard.


In other news, Junior Seau drove off a fucking cliff.


Ah, the ball bounced off Heap's hand dude. It was certainly 'near him'. How is Meriweather supposed to know he dropped it in the split second between the missed catch and teh hit?

Secondly, if you think Harrison lead with his shoulder (LOL) we need to agree to stop talking about it. Watch that replay again, and pause at the end, and look at Harrison's body, head up and in front, not tucked and below his shoulder. If that isn't leading with your head, I don't know what is. Spearing a player, leading with your head, and smashing it into teh receiver's is dirty if the receiver is on the ground or not.

I am objective. I'm not blindly backing a cheap shot because I'm a fan of teh team he plays on. Meriweather should be punished, and so should dude on the Steelers. Except the dude from the Steelers did it twice. in One game.

Watch the hit on Adia (sp) from the Colts last night where Fletcher's shoulder destroys his face. That is leading with your shoulder.


Pause at 1:01. I believe you are confusing "leading with his shoulder" with "hitting him with his shoulder".

They are two very different things.

That isn't leading with your shoulder, lol. You can't lead with your shoulder when your head is out in front.

He speared him, and happened to hit the guys face with a shoulder pad rather than his facemask.


Watch Meri's arms after the hit, and Harri's arms after the hit. They do the same things.

Look the only difference between the way the two went about their hits were a) the receiver was in the air & b) Mari didn't hit him with a shoulder pad.

Both lead with their head, both took a cheap dirty shot, both should be suspended, and I wish both were on my team.


That is leading with your shoulder.


London Fletcher is the man.

I saw Santana Moss a few minutes ago at the grocery store. I wish I had gotten a pic but I didn't really want to bother him


No hard feelings bout the cowboys, I hurt for them man.



This MNF game is awful.