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Ney Mello: Mag-10, Tribex, and M

Ney: I recently had a post in which I asked the Forum what they saw as the major differences in training and diet “philosophy” between a younger and an older musclehead. So I viewed your submission to this weeks “Reader Mail” with great interest.

At 47 years old, and at 180 lean and hard pounds, I would be VERY interested in your Mag-10, Tribex and M cycle as well as your diet and workout philosophy. How you’ve changed your approach to diet and training over the years would be great also.

Thanks, man!

UUUummmm…there was a lot of Bravado…

…hope this is a person who really exist…I wanted some input from the more mature trainer…

And what exactly do you mean by “hope this is a person who really exist”?

C: That was a surprise! (Didn’t expect to hear from 'ya!):)–!!!

I know that it was someone who e-mailed in, and that you guys moderate this type of thing carefully…just wondering if it was someone who accomplished what that said they did with the products they said they did it with…that’s all. To hear what they did would be great…seriously!

(Did I miss something here?)

It sounded a wee bit like you were thinking we made up the letter to reader mail. Sorry if I misinterpreted.

It’s just that I hear that sometimes and it really pisses me off given that we spend hours (days even) answering reader mail, and that in my first year with T-mag I hauled a laptop up to the hospital where my infant daughter was staying while running fevers of 107 just to get reader mail answered every week. I’m sitting there at 2AM answering a question about calf training while by daughter has been given a 30% chance of not reaching age two. Then I read on some other forum that “T-mag just makes those letters up, the fuckers!” Well, you can imagine how that makes me feel (like choking the sniveling anonymous shit who wrote it.)

Trust me, we don’t need to make up positive reader letters. We could run a hundred a week if we wanted to, but that would be boring. So instead we mix reader mail up: feedback, nasty letters, funny letters, off topic stuff etc.

I remember when I first started helping out TC with reader mail; he gave me orders to always find negative letters and publish them so we wouldn’t be like one of those fakey mags with made-up reader letters. (Funny thing is, sometimes we don’t get a negative letter all week to run.) We could, if we wanted, blow people away with the positive Biotest letters, but we don’t because we know too much of that kind of thing doesn’t fly with experienced readers. It’s boring too, and we want the Reader Mail section to be “info-tainment” and fun.

Anyway, I looked up the original letter and the only thing we removed was a section where he talked about what he liked to wear to show off his new gains. I thought that sounded silly, so I chopped it out and just left in the meat of his letter- which was that HST gave him impressive results when combined with MAG-10 and a couple of other Biotest products.

BTW, the author of the letter is a professional jazz/Brazilian jazz recording artist, but I think he lives in the states now.

Oh, and don’t be surprised that he wrote in to us but doesn’t appear to check the forum often. I’m always surprised when I’m at a conference or something and people approach me saying “I’m T-mag’s biggest fan! You guys rule!”, but when I ask them if they post on the forum, they just say, no, they don’t read it often. The forum is huge, bringing in millions of viewers, but not everyone who reads T-mag visits the forum. We don’t push it much. And I’ve found that some people just don’t visit forums, just aren’t “forum people”, you know? Personally, I think they’re missing out on a great resource.

(Sorry for the rant there; I’m all MAG-10’ed up!)

Thanks, Chris! Now I understand…

I hope you guys know by now that in my mind you’re the best. There is not a board (or company) that even compares…

What a lot of people don’t understand that if not moderated, a board digresses into meaningless gibberish, useless opinions and weak discussion, usually dominated by only a few. Those type of boards are a dime-a-dozen on the Net…while you guys really stand alone in the area of health and fitness.