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Next Weightloss Breakthrough: Adderall?

Before we begin, DO NOT lecture me about ADD being real. Wrong thread and I personally don’t care what you think about it.

I do not endorse of condone the use of amphetamines. This is strictly discussion of the effects of amphetamines on people.

I’m prescribed Vyvanse for ADD which utilizes one of the main ingredients in Adderall (l-dexteroamphetamine) Fun fact: Vyvanse, Adderall, and similar drugs have an extremely similar chemical make up compared to the drug meth which I believe is d-methylmphetamine. I don’t take it often as I don’t like to be dependent on something. A lot of people have taken Adderall and 99% of those people notice decreased hunger. But there are other side effects of ADD drugs containing amphetamines (eg. not Ritalin) which I believe may be helpful for weight loss. This is my theory and I am curious to what others may think.

  1. Decreased hunger

It’s different than not being hungry. The thought of food for MOST people while on an amphetamine is actually gross and MANY may only eat one time in that whole day. Even when you are hungry and your stomach is louder than your mother was when I was with her last night, you think, “Eh, I’m not that hungry.”

For the people I know serious about training it is slightly different. The thought of food is still not appetizing but it is still possible to get in the food you need while on a cut. It won’t be pleasant, but I believe this would GREATLY reduce the chance of cheating on one’s diet. So to all you weenies who can’t follow through on a cut, the Holy Grail may have been around for some time now.

  1. Increased heart rate

Caffeine does this to a degree but wears off and you build a tolerance from it. Most prescribed amphetamines keep your heart rate up for an extremely long time (Adderal 30mg XR keeps mine up for nearly 10 hours) but the building of a tolerance to this is much lower. I can take my prescription for a week and my heart rate will come down from 8 hours at the beginning of the week, down to maybe 6 1/2 at the end.

Why is this so good? Well if you need the answer to that then you should not dabble in weight loss products in general. This can lower the intensity of your cardio by an absurd amount. My heart rate while doing LISS cardio is increased by 20-30 bpm while on an ampheamine. But I warn you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT HAVE AN INTENSE WORKOUT WHILE ON AN AMPHETAMINE. Your heart will not be at a safe level and could make you pass out from exhaustion.

  1. Diuretic effect.

If you’ve loaded creatine, ONE DAY of using an amphetamine could mean the start of a loading period the next day. I pissed nearly 20 fucking times when I was loaded with creatine and took a Vyvanse. The next day I woke up and looked in mirror thinking, “My abs (or lack there of at this point in time) have never looked so good!” I have to increase my water intake by an obscene amount on days when I take an amphetamine. Your shirt will have the sweat stain circumference of a 50lb bowling ball. So make sure you’re wearing a jacket if you’ll be in public (won’t make that mistake again…).

Not so much of a good things but…

  1. Decreased circulation

If you take an amphetamine, your dick will literally decrease in flaccid size by over half the size it is now. It is extremely embarrassing so if you plan on getting some later that day, DO NOT take an amphetamine. This is only temporary but still sucks. I’ve found l-arginine, and if you’re not into supplements, pomegranate will decrease this effect. Having decaffeinated green tea with a splash of lemon juice and ginger will also increase blood flow.

(Most of) These arguments lead me to believe that amphetamines could possibly be a good weight loss supplement, granted you are prescribed one. And completely off the record, you can probably buy one on the corner for a dollar a pill. I am thinking about using Vyvanse every day for 30 days to note the effects and will post them if anyone is interested (I’m already in cut mode). Although I will say up front for some reason I can’t upload the pictures I have on this site, nor do I have a camera so there is a little bit of a trust issue and I understand that. I’ll work on getting a camera.

If anyone has more knowledge and would like to add to this, please do.

It may be a good way to lose weight, but a good portion of the weight you’ll be losing will be muscle - amphetamines are pretty catabolic. As I understand it (and some one can correct me if I’m wrong) amphetamines activate the sympathetic nervous system and the hormones associated with it (like adrenaline and cortisol) which happen to be pretty catabolic.

Amphetamine use for fat loss has been tried and known medically for a long time. At reasonable and safe dosages, it has not been considered too effective for fat loss.

But yes, for some it is an effective appetite suppressant.

Cutting itself is catabolic. If not lifting weights and not using a sound diet, its no question it will lead to muscle loss. Although in combination of hard training and a good diet (probably low carb high fat), I believe that the catabolic effect you speak of could be avoided.

The drug in itself will obviously not do the whole job. Along with a good diet, I believe that it would greatly help for the reasons listed.

This was discussed heavily in the “street drugs” thread if you want to look for some more info over there.

Hm. I didn’t even realize there was a street drugs section. My bad.

Not a street drugs section, but a “street drugs” thread in the Steroids section. Which is this section.

When I first started taking adderall (I dont anymore,) it would be 9 at night and I would think to myself:

“Damn, I haven’t eaten all day, and, I’m okay with that.”

Not a good thing.

I sure did get some stuff done though. Homework, cleaning, organizing, you name it.

Never taken Adderall, but Ritalin certainly has the effect of upon me of not only making me not hungry, but of actually making it difficult for me to bring myself to eat. Anything. Not quite what most of us on this forum are looking for, probably

[quote]Cortes wrote:
Never taken Adderall, but Ritalin certainly has the effect of upon me of not only making me not hungry, but of actually making it difficult for me to bring myself to eat. Anything. Not quite what most of us on this forum are looking for, probably[/quote]

Ritalin is unbelievable for studing.

God bless it.

Been a Lurker on the site for a couple years now, finally feel like I should contribute to a place which has taught me tons…I can def 2nd Cortes for both adderall and ritalin, interestingly enough adderall increases my libido for the first few hours

Why not just use Clen?

I can eat fine. It’s not so great getting it down but its not exactly a huge struggle. After that, I’m definitely not thinking about cheating.

I was taking 56mg Ritalin (high dose) and I literally felt no different.

Clen is known for destroying the progress you made on your bulk if you’re not using anabolic substances and I don’t mean food. Amphetamines could be the same way but nothing is really known about it yet.

Since there’s talk of Ritalin/methylphenidate here, I thought I’d ask:

Is it as catabolic or bad for muscle as you guys seem to think amphetamines/Adderall is? Other than the lack of hunger.

I have taken adderall and ritalin a few times and neither of them suppress my appetite. Although I am also under the impression that if you are conditioned to eat 6-12 meals a day (as how one should be if training seriously) then it is more an issue of habit encouraging one to eat as opposed to hunger.


Do you tolerate stimulants well? No jitters, anxiety, gnashing jaw? I take vyvanse for study purposes, but I don’t think I would take it on a regular basis. My need to do something at every moment and talk would drive someone nuts.