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I'm just about to finish my first t-mag training routine in 2 weeks. I did limping and 12 weeks to SS. Both worked great so far. My bench went up 40 pounds for sets and my squats 75. What kind of training could you recommend that is totally different (besides renegade) that will get me stronger, just like this program did. What are some of your fav. programs.



Read the Dave Tate articles that have been running the past few weeks.


I'm gonna say this BEFORE Goldberg (and irondoc):



I dont think my gym has chains. not that i know much about westside but i think you use chains.


bobo: ya gotta get the chains. Which is what we're doing. And the bands.


Bobo, you've been around here a while now. This question is asked and answered weekly.

You also said that you don't know much about Westside. Conveniently there's a huge series by Dave Tate being posted every week.

Waterbury, Thibaudeau, Marion, Davies, etc. all have programs published in the mag or on the board, and they've all been discussed. Just pick something and be consistent.


You don't need chains and bands to do westside.


Okie guys im gunna read up on the westside program. I've sen post on how effective it is and i think im going to give it a whirl. Where do i get the chains from. Are they any chains from like home depot or like special westside ones. Thanks.


I agree with Landon, in fact I think when you first start to train Westside using bands and chains isn't smart, if you do choose Westside I recommend checking out Dave Tate's start-up program on elite, I know a few other T-man followed it with success it is a good intro to Westside


Okay i just read dave's three elite articles. The thing is i dont have the resources and knowledge of training to perform many of these excerises. So if i do follow through with the westside training i can safely say that i am going to be lost as hell.


read poliquins "training with maximal weights" simple and effective, and you will get much stronger.


bobo... do not worry.

just start up the program. you'll figure things out along the way. At least, that's how it was for me.

Soon enough, you'll be making your own reverse hyper in the gym like my buddy Jesse Macguyver.

Just make sure that you do the glute ham raises... oh yeah, the natural ones.

Get ready for a great ride...


I've read training with maximal weight. Can you follow his principles and use any workouts you would like?


on the "maximal weights" issue. what i did was pick 2 compound movements for each body part, example for chest: flat bench press and incline bench press. apply the same principles that he gave you on the sample arm workout to the rest of your bodyparts. a possible split could look like this:

mon-chest and back

pick 2 exercises for each bodypart, and alternate between them i.e. 1 chest exercise 1 back exercise, thats 1 set. however do not superset give adeuqate rest as you are training for strength. also read the "guide to poliquins principles" 1 and 2.

if you stil want more info read all the "question of strength" articles.

hope that helps P-Dog


thanks guys