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Next Training Fad?


Coming soon to a gym near you:


In a boat! FUNCTIONAL!


That was my first thought as well. When he walked across that gangplank it blew my mind.


Pretty good, but I don't think those are bricks like the video is named. He throws them up in the air way too easily. They look like blocks of wood.


Surely that would make it harder in a way?

You know, less friction would mean they wouldn't stay together as well when going against the wind.

Mighty impressive.


If you listen, they definitely sound like bricks. Whatever they are, it's a nice feat of balance. If they're really bricks, then he's got to be fairly strong as well.


is that thing real?

just goes to show what you can accomplish when bored.


They are real bricks, and more than 20. Atleast 24, maybe more...

That dude has insane balance, and a hard skull and neck muscles :expressionless:


That dude looks like a human jenga.


I want to see the dismount. He probably just dumped them though.


That's called "Paid By The Brick"! He has eleven kids to feed and his wife is lazy.


They make clinking noises like bricks.


You can even hear the camera man say "no way" as he loads the last two.