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Next Training Cycle

Here is what im gonna do for my next meet which is 10 weeks from this saturday. Im gonna use 685 for my squat and 365 for my bench.
Week 1-45% no contrast 50% no contrast
Week 2-50% no contrast 50%+1 chain
Week 3-55% no contrast 50%+1 chain
Week 4-47%+GB 40%+miniband
Week 5-49%+GB 40%+miniband
Week 6-51%+GB 50%+1chain
Week 7-47%+GB+1chain 50%+1chain
Week 8-49%+GB+1chain 40%+miniband
Week 9-51%+GB+1chain 40%+miniband
Week 10-47% no contrast50%+1chain

Ive paid attention to where i got sore after this meet. My hips, upper back, and lower back were really sore after this meet. I also noticed on one of my squats that my knees dipped in for a second before my ascent. I need those knees out. Im gonna bring up my upper back, shoulders, and triceps. Specifically everything. haha. My squat training is going great. Im not gonna change anything about what im doing there. On my deadlift, im gonna do a little more extended range of motion to help off the floor. I might do speed pulls off of a step or plates. Also more lower back work. Ill throw in some snatch grip deadlifts too. For bench, im gonna do more work in the midrange of the movement. Im gonna quit worrying about what happens with my shirtless bench. In both meets i started to slow down about halfway up. Im gonna do more pin presses. I hardly ever do these so they should help alot. Next meet 700-380-600.

Looks like an excellent plan. You’re getting very smart about you training. Don’t be surprised if you bump up that squat more.

i wanna run this by steve before i put it into effect. he helped me a lot in my last two weeks.

Nice dude.