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Next Steps

I am looking for some advice what opinions are about how I should structure my workout/diet for the next couple of months. My main goal in 2004 was to gain weight. I started at about 172 and I am up to 192 (I am 5’11" and 36 years old). I am happy with the gain even though it came at the expense of my waistline and overall conditioning. I am currently doing (5 weeks) the westside for skinny bastards (needed more strentgh). I will do this for three more weeks (at least). I would now like to drop some of the fat (about 14%) and improve my coditioning. I also would love to either figure out how or where I can incorporate oly lifts in Westside 4 S.B. or a program to use oly lifts(I have done many of these in the past). Can I continue to use Westside while cutting?
By the way I have done several other t-nation workouts (OVT, Pedulum bodybuilding, meltdown, etc…) and have been lifting for about four years.