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Next Step in Supplements

Hey everyone

Im fairly experienced: 5’6", 190lbs (started at 155), 2-3 years of lifting, etc…

I am currently taking creatine, whey, and casein.

What comes next? IE, what’s the next natural step in supplement potency?

I dont know much about supplements. I just lift hard, heavy, and often.

Ive looked at Surge (which has Leucine, beta-alamine, etc), just plain of Leucine, Receptor Max, etc.

To get over the hump from big to huge, what would you all recommend?

Judging from your pics, not being rude here, diet will be the next thing to get you over that hump. That’s usually how it is for all of us.

As far as supplements BCAA’s and fish oil are always good choices if you have money. Could also buy a natural test booster like Alpha Male.

Those pictures are over a year old. Filled out since then. Just as pale, though!

I neglected to mention fish oil in my last post. I already take them.

Thanks for the tip on Alpha Male.

Get a bottle of HOT-ROX Extreme! Oh, and a tanning bed!! Good luck and lift heavy!

No desire to lose weight and Im going to Iraq in 2 weeks, so no need to get tan for all the dudes out there!

My vote for you is ZMA.

I am extremely impressed with the results I received in as little as 2 weeks.

I only use 3 supplements, and the results from something so inexpensive and lasting was outstanding.

start by adding some bcaa’s to your program. i eat a bottle every other day when im getting ready for a show

Surge and ZMA should be staples

BCAAs are a given. Im pretty much retarded for not already taking them.

Which Surge Workout Fuel or Surge Recovery?

For some reason, the stack in the Surge Workout Fuel seems appealing (Leucine, beta alanine, etc).

ZMA is a good idea.