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Next Step Growth

A while back I asked about paying taxes on my artwork, since then I have decided to take a step into making it more of a full time business, offering full color work and larger sizes. I have also bought a Giclee printer, damn they are expensive but, it will save me money in the long run.

Any help getting my work seen would be awesome, facebook etc. I can also offer discounts for anyone interested (friends and family included). I have a chance to get into an “art residency” but, I need more work in my portfolio.

*Feedback on art/store also appreciated. This is my first online store.

Such a competitive field. You’ll need a larger portfolio. Each new work helps sell the others. Get exposed.

Start a Pinterest.

Open an Etsy shop online.

Join LinkedIn and find art print groups therein.

Start a blog and post as often as possible your daily creative musings, sketches, observations, and inspirations.