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Next Step for my Workout

Im new to posting on this site but have been reading around here for a couple of months.

Im curently 24 5’8 167lbs (working on bulking to 175)

My goals for lifting are for increased strength and explosivness. I stay very active playing in a few basketball and flag football leagues. Im also now looking into taking up rugby or submision grappaling for a more competetive outlet.

Ive been doing the Starr 5x5 for the last 5 months with 1 month of no lower body work due to ankle injury. Before that I was doing a up body dominent split routine.

Im currenty working at getting my 1 rep max up to pre injury level

240x1 bench
330x1 squat
315x1 deadlift (i know this should be higher then squat,
i think it was just a bad lifting day)

my current goal is to get 1,000lbs combined by end of June

Im looking to do 2 more weeks of my 5x5 then try a new full body workout. thinking Sheiko?

any suggestions or advice would be appreciated

If you’re getting result from your current program, don’t change it. Sheiko is a very demanding program, and I wonder if it fits your schedule…as an athlete, can you afford weight training three-four times a week, for 2+ hours? Such WO are likely to leave you quite drained…

Have you ever heard of Bill Starr’s “The Big Three”? It’s a program developed for football players; it’s not sky-rocket science, but it’s quite effective; Westside For Skinny Bastards is another option. I’d try Sheiko - the preparatory cycle - in the offseason.

im going to looki into the starr bid 3, ive currenlty been doing the starr 5x5 with deadlifts and not power cleans so that would be a change for me. i beleive the sheiko 29 is a 4 week program. I think i can handle working our 2 hrs a week for 4 weeks on the #29 if its going to get me results. My basketball league wont start till mid june so there wont be much over lap and its only 1 game a week.

The big three is more strength/power orientend than Starr’s 5x5. If you have the time, Sheiko #29 can be worth a run. Be shure to EAT if you want to bulk on it!

I found a sheiko #29 spreadsheet that im going to use, however ive just noticed that lack of overhead pressing in this workout. It has incline bench once and push press once in the whole 4 weeks, ive resently had problems progressing on my military press. Is this going to hinder my strength gains in my shoulders or with the bench/deadlift frequency negate the need for over head pressing?

Sheiko is a program very focused on powerlifting, and since Overhead Press is not a competitive lift, it doesn’t give OPress a broad place. I think you can substitute incline with overehead, or use it as an assistance movement. In the Strength Sports there’s a Sheiko experience thread, maybe you can read it and ask those who’s been doing Sheiko.

well im back to where I was when I first posted this in april, 2 weeks after my post I injured myseld again (this time it was my hamstring). I had to cut out lower bady work for a while to let it heal. Now that im better ive been going solid back on he starr 5x5 again and making strength gains. However im starting to hit walls on lifts, first my overhead press stopped gaining and now my bench (missed my 5th rep last night) so now im thinking of changing things up.

Currently im 173lbs up from 164 in aug (trying to bulk to 180 for the new year)

lifts are calculated 1 rep maxes havent tested them lately

Bench 250lbs
Squat 340lbs
Dead 335lbs
total 925—short term goal is still 1,000 ---- next goal is 300lb bench

Im thinking of finishing out the week on the Starr 5x5 then doing the Starting strength advanced novice. I have the book and downloaded the spread sheet and like the looks of it. My only concern is that i dont have alot of experience with front squats and power cleans, so im going to do them light on thur and sat to work on form.

Is this a decent plan or should I look to some other routine? I think the Sheiko would be to much for me right now