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Next step: Cutting Phase

I’m just getting off my second cycle of MAG 10. Gonna do two weeks of M,tribex, and Methoxy. I’m about 5’10", 180lbs with 10-12% body fat. I’m curious on what program would be good for me to cut up. I was thinking about Meltdown training, but after reading all the posts and threads, I’m not quite sure. Would I be better off with a 5x5 type workout? I’m also thinking about using the T-Dawg diet, probably around 1500 calories. Any ideas on this too? I’m gonna cycle T2 and T2 Pro every 4 weeks as well as take MD6. Should I take methoxy or something to retain my gains off mag 10, maybe possibly take 4 AD? Anyone? I just finished finals so I can’t wait to start cuttin up for summer. Peace.

Since you are starting at a relatively lower %BF, I recommend the 5x5 program with some HIIT interval work to speed up fat loss. With such a severe cut in calories, I would definitely use some form of anabolic (Methoxy, 4AD). I’d start with the Methoxy for two weeks like you said, and then once T recovers I’d go with 4-AD-EC.

BUMP… Which is better to use for maintaining gains while cutting up after all this, andro, 4 AD, methoxy, MAG 10…?

For someone at around 15-17% bodyfat do you still have the same recommendations for lifting/cardio?

I’d go with Meltdown training and moderate intensity cardio until you reach 12%. At that point I would switch to the 5x5/HIIT protocol for the rest of the cycle.

At least 4-AD-EC, preferably Mag-10. It’s really an economical issue. If you can afford it, go with the Mag-10; you’ll be able to cut calories even more and reach your goal in a shorter amount of time.

Another thing you have to consider is the length of your cutting cycle. If you are just trying to hit 8%, then Mag-10 would be the better choice (in my opinion), but if your goal is 6% or lower, then you may want to consider 4-AD-EC as you will be able to stay on the product with minimal side effects for longer periods of time.

Money really isn’t an issue now cause i’ll be working again. I’ll probably be cutting up for 12+ weeks. If I’m just coming off of 2 MAG 10 cycles of 2on/2off, which one would benefit me more? How long should i wait before taking 4AD, Androsol, or MAG 10? How long can I stay on them? Thanks for the help!!!

Nick - start with a 1/2 dose of 4-AD. Especially if you have allotted 12 weeks to cut. Take calories down gradually and try not to go to extreme. By taking things slow and using a 1/2 dose of 4-AD, you will have minimal lean body mass loss aside from a few pounds of water and glycogen, which will come right back once you return to bulking.

Should I take Methoxy for a couple weeks first to give the endocrine system some time off? Or go right into 4AD? Should I cycle 4AD 2on/20ff? You said a half dose, is that once a day or twice? Thanks Jason. Appreciate it!!

How long have you been off MAG-10. It seemed like 2 weeks from your post. Maybe use Methoxy-7 for 2-4 weeks and then use 4-AD-EC at half dosage once in the morning.

I’ve done 2 cycles of MAG 10 (one cycle beeing 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off) So after i do my two weeks of methoxy, m, and tribex, I’m thinking i should do another 2 weeks of methoxy. So I should then go on 4AD for the next 8 weeks? 1/2 does every morning?

You are probably fine jumping into 4-AD-EC after two weeks of tribex, M and methoxy-7 but just to play it on the safe side, I might do 2 more weeks of methoxy-7 for a total of 4 weeks off since your last MAG-10 cycle.