Next Step After V-Diet

I am 42 and quickly reaching 43, I have been going to the gym on and off for years. But I never put any real thought into what I was working towards other then just keeping active. I spend most of my time in front of a computer.

Now I would like to start working towards something more specific. First goal is just to improve my health. I had already started to change my diet to include far more healthy eating. And I am currently on week 1 of the V-Diet.

As I looked around the site just before committing to the V-Diet I thought I would rap that up and jump right into the I, BodyBuilder program. But a little more reading would suggest that program is for far more advanced individuals.

My goals after the V-Diet will be to increase my strength and put on a little size.

So where do I go next? Try the I, BodyBuilder? Or is there another direction I should go next?

I, Bodybuilder is for advanced guys. If you want to follow the bodybuilding route, have a look at Bricknyce’s thread, the Bodybuilding Bible: Forums - T Nation - The World's Trusted Community for Elite Fitness.

There’s lots of advice in that thread about creating your own program, and how you should eat.

Good luck.

If you only want to put on a little size than train like a bodybuilder but DO NOT eat like somoene looking to adding 50lbs of muscle mass. It’s actually that simple.

It’s impossible to give a recommendation for a lifting program or meal plan without knowing anything about you, in those regards.

But in general a protein rich diet with well timed carbohydrates combined with a balanced training program 4-5 days per week with cardio should work well.

The poster above me provided a valuable link.

Your best shot at this point would be to propose ideas and have them critiqued. No one will simply feed you information for the hell of it.