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Next Routine to Tackle My Weak Points After BBB

i have been doing Boring but big for the last year and iam very happy with the results. I was thinking about changing my program to tackel some weakpoints i got. I read a lot and iam confused how to program it, and what excercises to swap. My current draft tends to have light assistance work after the 5/3/1, but iam not sure if this is ideal. Below a list of my current weak points and a routine iam thinking about. Would be great to hear your two cents about it.

  • Benchpress: the initial push of my chest, when the bar is at the lowest point
  • Deadlift: at the start, my lower back starts to round
  • Squats: in the middle, it feels that i tend to “good morning” squat

Here is my draft. All 5x10 work is done with a light weight, taken over from the BBB program…

deadlift 5/3/1
front squat 5x10
Back Raises 3x15
Pullups 5x10

benchpress 5/3/1
Dead benchpress 3x3 max effort
dumbell incline 5x10
Barbell Rows 5x10

squats 5/3/1
good mornings 5x10
hamstring raises 3x15

overhead press 5/3/1
dips ~50
Dumbell Rows 5x10

I need to see if the pullups are to much for the deadlift day, but i plan to do the pullups in between my back raises pauses… Iam not sure on what day to do the front squats/good mornings. Maybe just switch those two? The other thing is: does dead benchpress help me with my weak point, or should i focus on something else?

Thanks in advance

I would say the best way to focus on a weak spot on a lift is to do that lift. Here are my observations:

You’re missing the supplemental work entirely. You are doing 531 of the main lift, then doing assistance. For example, on squats you list just 531 then two assistance lifts. You should do BBB squats (5x10 at FSL) or other supplemental squat work following the 531 weights.

Another thing: add something from all the assistance categories on each lifting day. For example, you are just doing upper body assistance on upper body days. Add in 5x10 of lower body/core to those days: DB squats, ab roll outs, KB swings, or something along these lines. This will help with your overall strength and conditioning. Same goes for your squat and DL days.

Also exercise selection.

@goldii You can totally use the same lift as your supplemental exercise, like with BBB, but you seem primed to alter them just slightly to have them really hammer away at your specified weak points

Bench press: Pause in the bottom with the bar at your chest for three to five seconds.

Deadlift: do deficit deadlifts

Squats: don’t do more good mornings, that’ll probably encourage this form failure. Is the problem that your ass shoots up to quickly or that your chest drops? Either do frankenstein squats or squats from pins, whichever one you feel like you’d hate the most. And more ab work.

The vast majority of your weak points are simply rectified by getting stronger overall; unless your weight room ignores the strength curve or exists in some weird, parallel dimension. Weak point training is best accomplished by a balanced training program; take the attitude “everything is weak” and you work consistently with this attitude and you will be pleasantly surprised at what happens. Fall for the WEAK POINT CHARADE and you will ignore what lifted those weights in the first place.

Don’t do front squats for 5x10, please.


@antiquity i thought the 5x10 front squats on the deadlift day do count as supplement work.

@Allberg how many reps/sets do i make for those?

could you guys adjust one day of my plan according to your tips, iam not sure if I get it. By the way, iam doing abs every training. Forgot to add this, since it is so natural for me to squeeze those excercises in where it feels good…

I really think all your issues can probably be solved by paying a bit more attention to your technique. Which can be addressed by what has already been said, just training the main lifts properly and having balance in your training program. If you start running down the rabbit hole of “weakpoints” you will probably end up more frustrated and weaker than when you started. If you do feel you need to make changes, make small ones that are well thought out.

First and foremost, do what you have to do to review your form (take videos, read articles, get advice from a more experienced lifter, etc.) and make sure its solid.

This has already been said, but throwing some pauses in on some of your reps could help you learn to stay tight at the bottom and learn to press with force. I don’t think you need to pause every rep, maybe just your main work, before doing touch an go on your supplemental.

Another bit more drastic option could be doing Spoto Press (you simply pause the weight 1 inch above your chest for 2-3 seconds) as your supplemental Bench work. You would have to establish a separate training Max then do it after your Main Bench work for 3x3 or 5x3 @ FSL. There is also a template in Forever that you could use to set up Spoto Press call Supplemental Heaven.

This sounds like a technical issue that I highly doubt Front Squats will solve. Just lower the weight and learn to deadlift properly without your back rounding. Just try to get stronger at the movement.

Everyone’s squat slows down in the middle. This just sounds like your hips are rising faster than your shoulders. Again just review your form and make sure your squatting properly. Another thing you could do is just switch to High Bar Squats. This will force you to reduce the weight and squat more upright, and reinforce a good movement pattern. If you already squat high bar, just reduce your TM to 80% and focus on form.

What info sources are you using to write your programs? Books? Articles?

Front squats are just a terrible exercise to try to do for that much volume and for high reps. Use a SSB if you have access to one.