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Next Prop+Tren Cycle, EOD instead of ED

Ok this will be my first cycle with tren and I am thinking of injecting Prop EOD @150mg my last cycle I used prop eod and still gained well.

week 1-8
t3 (cycled up to my sweet spot of 70mg and down over the cycle)
Prop 150@EOD (600mg p/w)
Tren A 50mg ED or 75? or is 75mg EOD too much of a drop off in trens half life/blood levels not consistant?
t3 as above
Prop ED @ 100
Tren ED @ 50/75?

I will run igf the last 4 weeks, and yeah i got caber

I was planning on running Tren Ace @ 75mg EOD, in my research I found that the halflife is 3 days. I will be interested to see what the more experienced members say.

With EOD Tren/Prop injections I experience more bouts of insomnia and night sweats compared with ED injections.

Of course, some people don’t experience those at all.