Next Program after Strongman Arms

Hey CT,
Just about to finish 4 weeks on ‘strongman arms’ program. Happy with the results.

Now looking forward, I’m weighing up between moving onto ‘optimal strength training for the natural athlete’ or the ‘strength skills circuit method’. Which program would be better for size and strength?

Currently in a calories surplus gaining 0.5 pounds a week, so looking to put on weight over the next 3-6 months. As an athlete, rugby player, outside back, what would be the better program to fulfill my goals, to make me a bigger, stronger player next season?

Thanks for the help with this.

It’s hard to know which one is best because they are equally as effective for your goal. The difference maker will be which one will fit your psychological profile the best. Which one are you more naturally attracted to?

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Hi Coach

Would a floor press off raised mats (dead-start just above the chest) be a reasonable substitute for the partial OHP from pins when doing the strongman arms program?

I train at home and do not have a power rack with pins (just a basic squat rack)



If you do it with a close grip it’s not bad, but I would actually take the mats off. We want a partial lift on which you use MORE weight than on the full lift.

Still not as effective as the overhead partial since the overhead partial press will hit the long head of the triceps a bit more.

You could also do half reps on the close grip bench or half reps on the incline press (only lowering the barbell to the mid point).

But if you want to have the exact same training effect do top half reps on the overhead press (without pins). Start the first rep as a push press and then do top half partials.

Ok great, thanks CT, thats a good question on my psychological profile. I’m definitely attracted to the ‘Strength Skill Circuit’ program. So I’ll go with that.

Would you say the ‘Strength Skill Circuit’ would build a more athletic physique while the ‘optimal strength training for the natural athlete’ would build more of a bodybuilding physique (looking at the exercises chosen for each program)?

That is why I chose the ‘Strength Skill Circuit’ as this is the appearance I like and aim to achieve.

Thanks again for the help,

Yeah maybe… but you can always get a more complete look by adding as small amount of hypertrophy work after the strength circuits

Thanks Coach, your feedback and input is always appreciated…

I’ll give the top half partial OHP to go I think ;0)


It’s actually a solid exercise for shoulder stability too.